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Honestly Peter, don't spend any more money on that system (unless you feel like burning money) - it's just not worth it....

When you're ready see how much you can sell your old system (or better yet, the parts from it) to a local retailer or online on eBay and buy or build a new one :smile:
When and if I get a new system I'll keep this one as a spar parts supply....:wink:

I hate to say, greed got the better of me and a PNY 7600GS is on it's way to me as we speak.
Wow that sounds good Peter, you can say goodbye to Vista problems you had with your old card and drivers and whatever, everything. :grinning:
Well, I found loads of complaints about that X1650 causing BSOD's in Vista at various stages but very few about this new one.
The 9550 I have in here now is fine except it hangs up sometimes when I play, for instance, my Marine Aquarium screensaver or that problem with the DreamScene Content wallpapers.
Guys... look at this :wtf: :

65nm process will allow for better yields and better power consumption. power consumption will be lower than that of a GeForce 8800 GTX.

GeForce 9800 GTX will be over two times faster than a GeForce 8800 Ultra in real world games and applcations.

Release date : November 2007. There will be TWO products at launch: The flagship GeForce 9800 GTX and the second fastest GeForce 9800 GTS.

price for the GeForce 9800 GTX will be 549-649 USD.

price for the GeForce 9800 GTS will be 399-449 USD.


But I think this is stupid, not even 8xxx series is gone so popular and they already talk about 9xxx, something is wrong>.<.
I guess when you are a real gaming enthusiast, you always try for the ultimate. 10 years from now your average home computer will probably be 1000 times faster than they are right now anyway.
The minute you buy something, it's obsolete....that's how companies make money.
I'm grateful that my machine wont even handle those boards. :tongueout:oint:
Oh yeah Peter, Moore's law :smile:

Still, this 9xxx thing smells like a joke. :|

Even if it's true, what about the GAMES?? even 3 years from now is not going to be enough to make a games who would use max of 8800...
Well folks, please note my signature......particularly the video adapter details.
Vista with 9550 Memory reported: 2858mb Performance Score: 3.1
.............X1650............................3335................................ 4.2
.............7600GS..........................3300................................ 4.1
(Highest possible in Vista 32-bit would be <3500 and 5.9)
Not quite as good as the X1650 but considering the headaches I had with that thing I really don't care.
I also noticed there no longer is any flashing across the screen when the machine boots up like there was with the X1650.
I also note that nVidia has far better support + a forum.
First thing I noticed, much better colour rendering and shading and a silent fan (hope it's working...LOL).
Aero and Flip3D are perfect.


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Interesting results.

I've always maintained that - even when ATi was better than nVidia - nVidia gave a better gameplay experience.

Like you said, the most important thing is the headache is over :smile:
At least it worked out of the box, instead of "maybe-maybe-not" broken like that other card.
What is really amazing is that all these years of using ATI and swearing by them I was mssing out on true colours. I had no idea that that certain webpages weren't actually plain old white after all!!
My monitor has color calibration built in but never used it. Just got wonderful (bad) news from McAfee forum - where you know I MOD - they are about to upgrade the anti-virus scanning engine and someone has just posted that they tested it and it immediately erases nVidia's Vista drivers......groan.
Needless to say I've emailed everyone and their uncle over this..LOL
I'm glad you like the card. Should be working years for you :smile: 10 years from now it will still be working, I bet! my nVidia GeForce2 works even today! It's in the closet, but works! :smile:

Wow, interesting news about erasing nVidia Vista drivers. :happy:
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