Multiple boot partitions created


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I recently dual booted my laptop that was running windows 10 with Ubuntu 14 LTS.
The error I was having was that in order to run the Ubuntu OS partition I had to switch the BIOS to boot in Legacy mode, and to boot the Windows OS partition I had to boot in UEFI mode.

I ran your boot-repair software and now I can run both which I am very pleased about. However it appears that your software built a few more booting options that I am unsure of.
From what I have experienced, running 'Windows Boot UEFI recovery' leads to Windows 10, and the first option 'Ubuntu' leads to Ubuntu.

The other windows recovery options appear to be old windows OS' if that makes sense? They have old dates and times, and I believe they are somehow saved images of past versions of my Windows OS.

I need to know whether I am doing the right thing? Whether my set-up is okay/stable. Is it possible to remove some of those boot options if they are unnecessary? What has gone wrong?

Please see the attached image of my start up screen to see my concerns.



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Hi Footy,

That's the boot menu generated by Ubuntu, I honestly don't know what exactly it's referring to with all the options. EasyRE sets up your PC with a primary boot process plus a few fallbacks in case that one doesn't work, so it's super stable. Just try the different options in the Ubuntu menu and see which ones you want to keep and delete the rest, I suppose. You'd only be deleting the entry from the menu, not any files or settings from disk, so it's safe.