New drive, dual boot not working



I purchase a RevoDrive SSD, installed it and then loaded win7 64bit on it as my boot drive.
My old spinner then became a data drive, but a partition ( D: ) does have XP on it.

Being that prior to the upgrade i had a dual boot system, I found and downloaded BCD and ran it in auto config. It found the settings, but it stated that XP was on C:, so I changed the drive to D:, as thats where the XP is.

Of course this did not work, so I searched the net and found the sticky in this forum stating that you should not change the auto configuration settings that are found. . So, I ran it again and it again found it being drive C:, so I saved it and rebooted.

This time I got the dual boot screen on reboot, but as soon as I clicked on XP, i saw a very quick flash of the windows XP screen and then a quick blue screen which was too quick to read, then it rebooted itdelf.
Not having any luck getting it to load

I have attached the suggested .jpgs (from the sticky) in hopes this will help you help me.



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Select XP from the menu, then immediately start tapping F8.
This will intercept the chain to NTLDR and enter the XP extended boot menu.
Choose the "no automatic restart" option.
XP will then stop at the BSOD instead of flashing the error too briefly to read.
Bing the error code to find out what's wrong with your XP install.
Post back if you need to.
Hello Terry,

Thanks for your reply!

Well, I did as instructed and had no luck getting the F8 to stop the BSOD, so I think I may have to re-install the XP. Problem is, with this new OCZ Revodrive PCI-e SSD being the boot C: drive, i'm not sure how to go about putting XP on the old SATA drive.
Also really confused because the revo is a raid drive and of course the old spinner is SATA, so not sure how things will work with a reinstall.
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No Luck with in the menu, F8 was available for Win7, but not for the XP.
Still, I did as you instructed and once I selected XP and hit enter I tapped on F8 and it did not stop the screen before it crashed.
You've got to be quicker then.
F8 is used to interrupt both W7's bootmgr, and XP's NTLDR.
The secret is in the timing.
If you hit it whilst bootmgr is running, you'll get the W7 extended menu (no use for XP purposes).
bootmgr chains to NTLDR when you select XP from the bootmgr menu
NTLDR loads the XP kernel which is BSOD'ing.
You need to interrupt NTLDR before it tries to start loading the OS.
Select XP from the menu
hover your right index finger over the "return" key and your left over F8
right must go first to initiate the chain
then left (hence the "immediately" in my OP), and keep tapping.
I am now typing this message through WinXP!

I got it to boot into WinXp on the HDD. The problem was a bios setting. It was set to AHCI when it needed to be set at IDE for WinXP to boot.

Problem I have now is when i rebooted, I was instructed to set the Bios setting back to AHCI and then boot into the Win7 on SSD.

No luck... it won't boot into that now...

Is there a way I can fix this problem from XP ? Possibly another go at it with EasyBCD ?
I have found that if I set IDE to boot, both OS will load. That is good enough for me now that everything seems to be working fine!