Noisy Startup

actually i figured ou the problem and as simple as it is i woundn't have thought it
but basically the noise came from having a cd in the drive while startup and shutdown
That doesnt make that much least not on my machine. My GFX fan is louder than that and my system is over 4 years old...
Maybe a bad CD ROM drive? Or an ancient one?

I remember back in the day my 4x CD ROM drive (before AOL started even making their CDs :smile:) was real loud....
My optical devices do make a noise :smile: And I don't mind, as long as they work :lol:.


People, I updated to SP2 :tongueout: I had to,Photoshop CS3 wont work on SP1. And don't worry, I'll update to SP3 sometime in next 5 years :joy:
w00t way to go Sarge!!

I do remember the old 4x CD-ROM drives. THose did makes some nasty noise. But now a days they put some buffers on them to allow for slow down and so that they dont make that much racket.

But the first sets were nasty. I still cant think of it. Maybe cause i am just so used to that sound it doesnt even register in my head that is what it is. :grinning:
lol, 'bout time Sarge!

w00t way to go Sarge!!

Oh come on guys :smile: Its nothing special, no difference, other then my computer feels slower, I'm thinking of getting one of those moded versions of XP with everything out for max performance, install 3ds max and see how it feels. :lup: Because, its SLOOOOOOW like hell, no way running 3ds max and Photoshop at the same time :frowning:
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