Nvidia 9 series

^ awesome thanks ronin ^_^

that thing is HUGE! lol

but now how much will it launch for? price wise, me thinks, seeing as its mainly a converted (and chip size change) 8800, with dual-cores

i read about the 7950 GX2 which was double wide like this one too but didnt go so well :frowning:

$900+ donald thinks
“Quad SLI.”? With that size, if new cards are bigger then old ones, like we can see, our computers will be big as average computer desk in 15-20 years.

GeForce 9800 at least 30% faster? It would need at least 60% faster then 8800 Ultra to impress me.

So... Sargy thinks that 30% is not enough for next generation of GeForce.
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^ but remember this is early spec's we still have a couple months before it actually is out

30% is good enough me thinks, if you get two cards, there your 60% sarge ^_^ lol

as for computer size, parts are always getting "smaller" so i think the opposite, in 15-20 years, a computer size is going to be smaller as well

laptops will be thinner then ever lol think how small cell phones have gotten in 15 years, i see that happening for computers too

(unless sarge has never seen images of the first computers, a single computer taking up the whole floor of a office building lol)
Yeah, technologies are getting smaller, but look at the 9800's case, its bigger then 8800's. Thats why I thought.. and Quad SLi with those big things in the computer will take not very small space. Me thinks at least...

Nah, I don't like SLi, so I was talking about single cards :tongueout:
^ you can thinks that all you wants too lol

i have seen some massive chassis that would work awesome for this card, but it will be a space monger lol
is it possible to put 2 of these in SLi
i know thats pretty stupid and a big waste of money but just imagine?
Yeah, and wait another 5 years for someone to make a game that will use complete power of it, unless you need it for something other then playing games.

On the other hand, well yeah, it depends on what do you use if for. :ldown:
@ at guru

with a large enough chassis and mobo yes you could lol

you would also need all those 16x PCI=E slots too boot, with the right spacing too

i think right now that might be the only foru things you will get to have on PCI/-E lol
up to four together? Would u have like 8 graphics cards or what?
Then the next day 10 series comes out and yours is obsolete :frowning:
^ not obsolete

i know people that have a 7800 (maybe 7900) thats still run games well lol

and no it is a dual-core gfx card, so you would only need four cards, with 8 GPU's ^_^ AWESOMENESS lol
ahhhh, i thought the 9 series was 2 8800s in sli so then four of it would be eigth gc.
Sorry, i dont know mucha bout these things.
Anyways whats teh difference between a core and a card?
The article mentions that the cards are internally SLi'd already. So it's 2xcards is actually quad-SLi already.

It's 4-cores total in this SLi.... I think.
^ yeah i was thinking about that too, who knows though, they could change the whole thing by the time its out lol

but arnt all 8800 cards dual-core? and then it said that each board is a 8800 at 45(or was it 65 idk too lazy to look) nanometer's so four cores on a board??? IDK i just dont know!! :frowning: lol