Partition Editor fails to start Easy Recovery Essentials

I have downloaded and built a USB boot device from Easy Recovery Essentials today.

Everything is working or not working, regarding the Virus scanner, as it should. However the Partition Editor will not start.
I have a machine with W11 and UEFI.

Has anybody else had similar problems ?

Thanks Mick
Just as an update -> I tried to report the problem to NEOSMART but get the following response.

Fehler bei der Nachrichtenzustellung an folgende Empfänger oder Gruppen: (
Ihre Nachricht konnte nicht zugestellt werden. Das DNS hat gemeldet, dass die Domäne des Empfängers nicht vorhanden ist.

Wenden Sie sich auf andere Weise (z. B. telefonisch) an den Empfänger, und bitten Sie ihn, seinem E-Mail-Administrator mitzuteilen, dass seine Domäne nicht ordnungsgemäß bei seiner Domänenregistrierungsstelle registriert zu sein scheint. Teilen Sie ihm die unten angezeigten Fehlerdetails mit. Es ist wahrscheinlich, dass der E-Mail-Administrator des Empfängers der einzige ist, der dieses Problem beheben kann.

Weitere Informationen und Tipps zur Behebung dieses Problems finden Sie in diesem Artikel: Fix email delivery issues for error code 550 4.4.7 in Exchange Online.
yohhhh as I wrote already seen the problem with .net and resent the email.

there must be a link problem in the guys email saying where the easy re problems should be reported. all i did to send the email was to click on his link....
OK thanks for pointing that out. I've corrected the link. Your initial problems don't seem to me to be related to EasyRE but more a general Win 11 issue. If you have been using one of these thumb drives that guarantee a magic restoration of function that could be the cause.
Have you tried this; click Start and type cmd in the search box. Then in the menu that appears right click Command Prompt and "Run as Administrator" and type in sfc /scannow click Enter. Or you could try downloading Microsoft Media Creation tool and create a full Win 11 installation USB thumb drive or DVD (DL) and use that to do an in place upgrade to repair the installation. All your files will be intouched.
Bit confused.
I am having problems in the EASY RE system that I boot from the USB stick that I created from the ISO image.
All works in the Booted system except the PARTITION EDITOR, what has this to do with my windows 11 system ?
You should be asking for help via email as I have never used that particular software. If you are not getting a response then please let me know and I will try to page the owner.
Hi Peter,
I have requested support for the problem via email, once we got the email address sorted out, I am waiting for a response from them.
Sent the email on Saturday evening, have you an idea how long it takes before they normally respond ?
Cheers Mick
auto response used to be immediate. Actual one within 72 hrs according to the help pages. I have sent them a chaser.

There seems to be some confusion regarding email support. The free version of EasyRE (the EasyRE for Windows 11 promo) doesn't qualify for any email support and support is only via the forums.

That aside, there is a known issue with the partition editor not launching in some cases; we have a beta version of EasyRE that fixes that but it's currently only available to paying customers. Thanks for understanding!
I think most of us are wondering what connection there could possibly be between Partition Editor & this software.
There are plenty of free Partition Managers out there. I use Easeus Partition Master as it does a better job than the built-in Windows one.