Partitions and whole HDDs not found


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Alright, we found the driver, and we came to the step where we install it, and we found out, it can only be installed from floppy. Alright, we are finding floppy drive and floppy disc, we copy driver to floppy. He takes PC home, hopes to install driver with hitting F6 when it asks for RAID driver. Alright, sometime later, he calls me "Hey, it wont start installation, it says *Press any key to boot from cd...*" :lol:OMG Who did I let to install Windows :wtf::happy:. Alright we go around that problem... and when he presses F6 to install driver from floppy it says "THE FILE TXTSETUP.OEM COULD NOT BE FOUND".

Ideas? :smile:


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Ah, the reason why it said that error was because driver was in the folder on the floppy, and there should be just files. So, it found and installed the driver, saw partitions, and it was all good.

Thanks, cheers :smile:

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To avoid this issue next time why not use the drivers and nlite and create a Windows CD that you can use. So that way you dont have to give the PC to your friend if you ever have to isntall Windows again.

I have this issue as well. My SATA drivers are not recognized by XP. Only by Vista. So i have to go in and add my sATA drivers to every Windows Disc i want to use. It is a pain but in the end when i have to re-install it is worth it. Just a tip i thought i might share.


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Yeah, that's one of (few) things I really do like about Windows Vista.. While all their other drivers are for crap, the SATA drivers are finally there out-of-the-box! :smile:


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Oh yeah, that can be very useful! Thanks. :smile:

Offtopic: 4 more days and Ubuntu 7.10 is out!! :joy:I can't wait!


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^ i check the counter everyday ^_^ lol

i hope the upgrade will solve my ATIdriver problem

Note: my Video card is actually a Radeon 9200, not the radeon X1950 as i said before :frowning: but im kinda glad i dont have something so powerful, linux support for the newer cards isnt as good as the older ones :smile:

as to partitions:

i downloaded, burned and verified the Live CD for fedora 7 however

Gparted can never stop scanning for HD's... i let it sit for about 15 minutes once... i have tried the Live CD three times so far

and GUESS what, fedora 7 has my ATI driver built in.... :frowning: the installer wont start either