Problem installing Linux Mint 16 - Cinnamon

Hi all - I have had EasyBCD on my machine for some time but finally got around to doing a Linux install. I have 2 x copies of win 7 x 64 installed and these are called from EasyBCD start menu without problem.

I have partitioned my "C" drive into three primary partitions sd1 is where the EaasyBCD is installed in the MBR, sd2 is the another copy of win 7 and sd3 shows up mo problem

Using Linux Mint 16 Live x 64 Cinnamon DVD I started the install but am stuck as to where I should put the "link" from Mint to BCD. To clarify I have attached a jpg showing where I am with it but don't know what to do next. Obviously I don't want to kill my original windoze install and without some confirmation and reluctant to go further and write to the "system" MBR. HELP !

Apologies if the jpg size comes up ridiculous. I have made it an insert but still seems to go huge.



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Don't "write MBR" !!!!
All that's needed is EasyBCD > Add New Entry >
Select Linux and Grub2 and let EasyBCD auto-configure.
Great. Thanks Terry60, still coming to grips with this. I am not yet very familiar with Linux either. An old OS/2 hand though. Bit ageing huh ? :smile: