Problem With Booting To Fedora 6


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Hello anyone reading,

This is a great program. I was just about to write it myself but it would've taken WAY too long to make it work this well.

Anyway, I had a problem with this program in that it didn't let me select the mbr file location. I was going on this tutorial ( then i realized Windows Vista got rid of boot.ini. Anyway long story short, take the file this article tells you to make, manually move it to the c:\nst folder then rename it from bootsect.lnx to nst_grub.mbr.

You better act quick though, once I got my Fedora install booting, Grub gave me about 2 seconds before it defaulted to windows vista. Now I just gotta find out where to change that, but it should be easy now that i can boot into fedora.

Anyway, there was post that describe this problem, and there was a fix released i guess, but this is what worked for me.

Thanks again to the authors of this software.

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The problem with those steps is, that .lnx file changes from person to person and PC to PC. We're looking for a generic one-step solution to the process.