Removal of Win XP3 beta and installation of official sp3 pack


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I have Vista first installed and Windows Xp installed 2nd as a dual boot, plus Ubuntu as a 3rd partition.

When I installed Windows XP as a second dual boot, I installed Windows XP Sp3 bet last version to avoid all the interminable updates.

Since the release of the official SP3 pack I have uninstalled the beta and re-installed the official release. This is all fine but I keep getting bugged by downlaods which will not re-install, and I can't hide them on the microsfot update page after they have failed to install.

I really do not want to go through the pain of a completet re-installation of win Xp due to the problems it causes with the Vista partition & MBR.

Has anyone got any suggestions on how I can clean up the Win XP install without causing all the associated problems with a dual boot systema and move to a full win xp sp3 install.


Thank you for your suggestion. I had thought of that one and was trying to avoid the interminable uploads. also, I think that the microsoft upateer will go direct to the sp3 updater, and not service pack 2 updater. So I will not get riad of it. The problem file is Secuity update for Microsoft .Net Framework , Version 1.1 Service Pack 1. I think thiswas overtaken by SP2 update, but I can't find Win SP2 in the appropriate contol panel function, so uninstaaling and reinstallin wstill leaves me with the same problem. Any help greatly appreciated.


Windows XP SP3


Well finally found the answer through trial and error - unfortunately more error than trial.

I gave up removing the SP3 beta pack and went for a clean install from the beginning - I know, I'm a masochist!

This time left EasyBCD well alone until I had finished the complete install of Win XP. The thinking behind this was that EasyBCD requires Framenet 2.0 and the message I was getting with the Windows updater was that Framenet versions would not update.

Having installed Win XP Sr 1a, I then installed XP SP2, followed by XP SP3. I then went to Updater to see what it still wanted me to install. Lo and behold, it offered me several Framenet downloads and things like Explorer 7 and mediaplayer 11. So I only selected the earliest version of Framenet and installed that. Then went back to updater and worked my way through all the security updates and service packs for that version.

Once completed I then updated with version2 of Framenet going back each time to update with security and service releases.

Now I am free of Updater thinking that there are still downoads to download that won't download!

Hope this helps anyone else with a similar problem
...and don't do it on a Vista machine. Apparently this causes the new CD to have a failed activation after installation. I used nlite and it couldn't have been easier.
Thank you all for your responses and I agree with them. The key thing with this is that if you install .Framenet2.0 in the wrong sequence you will end up with windows/microsoft installer offering you updates that you can't install and you can't get rid of the reminders for! If you follow what I did you won't get he problem.

I suggest the instructions for dual mode installation are amended for these situations!


Probably best to use nLite to slipstream all those updates + SP3 onto an installation CD?

Couldn't you just slipstream XP SP3 into your CD w/o the other updates? One of the primary benefits of a service pack is to address the fixes of previous updates w/o having to install them as well. What's the true benefit of a new service pack if it cannot meet that basic purpose? :?? @ Microsoft!
Couldn't you just slipstream XP SP3 into your CD w/o the other updates? One of the primary benefits of a service pack is to address the fixes of previous updates w/o having to install them as well. What's the true benefit of a new service pack if it cannot meet that basic purpose? :?? @ Microsoft!

Yes you can slipstream XP SP3 to a CD and not the updates. Right onw nlite is buggered with SP3. So you would have to use the method that i have posted.


Most people have a disc with SP2 already slipstreamed so they do not have to go thru such measures. Plus we have always suggested to people to have a fully updated system. If they were fully updated .NET would already be isntalled and not have to tell everyone all the time to make sure it was isntalled.

The problem is that the applicaiton was written to work with .NET 2.0 and above. XP even after SP2 did not have it by default. The issue isnt that. The issue is that done right with XP previously installed, you would not need EasyBCD to dual boot as the XP entry would already be added during the Vista install.

The issue come in where people install XP after Vista and try to add it right away without updating the system.
I do not see any signs of slipstreaming. I see how he had the Beta installed.

But i have to test one last thing for my MCE tests to be completed to see if MCE can be slipstreamed at all.

So far all the results are no.
I mean he tried using SP3 as a substitute for, rather than a supplement to SP1 and SP2 + all intermediate updates, but it caused problems that meant he had to go back and start from scratch. The slipstreaming is a secondary issue, the actual updating was the problem.
There is something with the process that gets messed up when creating a bootable ISO. I dont have all the details. but i do know that several people, myself included, have gotten coasters by usin nlite to slitpstream SP3. Use the artilce i posted above.
Interesting. I haven't yet tried to reinstall XP of course but I do know that the disc I created is bootable because I went through the motions of starting an installation then aborted it.


I just installed XP # 3 in disk 1 partition 1 (right after Vista) from my newly minted XP SP3 disc and it installed fine except almost at the end it threw up two errors "setup cannot copy napprov.mof and then rsop.mof" but when I browsed my CD it found them.
The trouble is that I am now missing my Vista....will boot into XP # 1 where my EasyBCD is installed and fiddle around there.
By the way, XP not only accepted the key I was already using in my original partition, but it activated also.
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Using the method i posted in teh linked article you will be able to create a XP SP3 slipstreamed disc with no issues. The whole issues i have dome across are 1. MCE and 2. Nlite created installs.
I'll try it later on. There's nothing wrong with the installation I just did as far as I could see. I had to boot over to XP # 1 to adjust the boot settings in both Windows and Easy BCD but everything else seems just fine. It's kind of odd to have a prisitine XP after all these years.
I'll probably get rid of it eventually, b ut I just really wanted to see if my slipstreamed installation disc worked.
Well i am testing my latest disc right now. I actually installed Vitrual Box to test it instead of installing it where My MCE currently was...:wink: