Removal of Win XP3 beta and installation of official sp3 pack

Just for the record: I've slipstreamed a gold XP CD w/ SP3 using nLite and customized the hell out of it.

I didn't have any problems with Windows Update afterwards, nor any issues with nLite, or unexpected problems.
It is a straight up MCE issue. I have tried every combination of ways to accomplish this task. Nothing works.
There's not much on the web about the errors I got, but the one thing I found said that it was most likely a glitch and a false alarm. It's still installed and working just fine.

Not sure I really need a 3rd XP SP3 though...LOL

What surprised me was that it activated without question, meaning I'm using the same license twice, maybe because it's on the same machine it doesn't matter?
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I can't see that MS have any way of knowing, when you validate a second copy on the same system, that you haven't just reinstalled the first.
Since you have a licence to run your OS on a single system, you're not in breach of the conditions anyway.
You can't run more than one at a time.
Well then, I think I might install Vista again instead of XP on that partition. I remember ages ago having this discussion on the Vista newsgroups and being told by one of the MVP's that no I couldn't do that, but in my mind I had always assumed that 1 machine 1 license meant I could install it again on that same machine and obviously I could not run more than one OS at the same time (discounting Virtual Machines of course) as it is physically impossible to do so.
You can install it as many times on a single machine as you want. It will activate because the hardware profile on record for that serial is the same. It is just like you reinstall Windows.

The MVP that said you couldnt was wrong. Sorry to say. But plain and simple you can reinstall on teh same machine as many times as you want. You can have multiple installs on the same machine. Teachnically you do not violate the EULA at all by putting 2 or more installs on the same machine.

Windows XP SP3 ships with new Vista activation components. While it was legal to install XP on the same machine multiple times, its activation components would fail to automatically validate most of the times on the 2nd+ attempts, requiring a call to MS technical support.

With the Windows Vista (and therefore XP SP3) activation model, the system automatically recognizes repeat activations for the same machine and silently OKs them without need for user intervention.
XP Sp3 is the problem


If you did what I did and installed XP SP1, then XP SP2, then XP SP3, then you get a problem.

There is a problem with XP SP3. It does not completly update you system in the proper way and you get update messages about .Framenet as it has not updated corectly by using the sequence I used.

Can't remember the webpage that gave me the clue to this, but it is documented on the web

So yes MS mucked up yet again!

The .NET framework was never stated to be a part of the SP3 isntaller. That would make it 2 to 3 times larger than it currently is. Plus if i am not mistaken .NET 2.0 is at least required in SP3...

So how is that really a muckup on their part? Not adding in some updates that would increase the size of the SP by 2 fold. Plus depending on how you slipstreamed would also be a good thing. Using a 3rd party applicaiton like nlite would cause this. Using hte link that i gave wouldnt.

I have used several XP SP3 discs done that way and they all update with .NET framework. Shoudl really get a newer disc as the disc you used at first is from 2001.
Hi Mak

Thanks for your response. I understand your point. I was merely making the point that following a logical pattern of instalation with the discs I had avalailable, none of which were done through Slipstreaming, but loading the original XP sp1 disc folowed by a disc with XP SP2 pack on it and then XP SP3 to avoid the innumerable downloads left me with a problem with .Framenet. I don't think even the average experienced user would have known that it would cause this problem as I had not seen anywhere warnings about this. I was merely trying to be helpful to others.

You make the point about getting new discs. I assume you are referring to slipstreaming as I certainly don't want to buy new XP discs? I assume if I slipstream, I would need to slipstream .Framenet in there somewhere to avoid the problem I hit?


Sorry i should have made note of the .NET framework. I myself also ahd that issue when i slipstream SP3. My installs would not update for anything. Not even .NET. So there was something that was done wrong from SP2 to SP3 with regards to .NET.

Yes i would say slipstreaming is your best bet. When doing that you can use nlite 1.4.5 as i have don ethis personally and it created a perfect disc.
I used and I got those two "Setup cannot copy"...napprov.mof + rsop.mof, but as I said before, when I re-pointed the window to where it was actually looking (but not apparently seeing) it copied them.
Hi Mak & Peter

Mak - Thanks for your comments about .NET framework and confirmation of the problem. I will try to remember the right name in future which might have meant that you were not quite sure what I was talking about.

Peter - Can't help I'm afraid - beyond my skill level!!