Remove Win XP HDD from dual-boot Win XP/7 configuration

My computer configuration has two physical disk drives (C & D).
Disk C contains Win 7 Pro and disk D contains Win XP.
I would like to permanently remove disk D WITHOUT altering it and single boot Win 7 from disk C.
When I physically remove disk D, my computer cannot boot from disk C even though it is listed as a boot device in my BIOS.
How do I use EasyBCD to allow me to boot Win 7 from disk C?

EasyBCD 2.3 displays the following configuration information:
Default: Windows 7
Timeout: 30 seconds
Boot Drive: D:\

Entry #1
Name: Earlier Version of Windows
BCD ID: {ntldr}
Drive: D:\
Bootloader Path: \ntldr

Entry #2
Name: Windows 7
BCD ID: {current}
Drive: C:\
Bootloader Path: \Windows\system32\winload.exe

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.


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Thank you very much for your help! For the benefit of other forum members, after I changed the boot partition from Drive D to Drive C and disconnected Drive D on SATA Line 0, I had to move drive C from SATA Line 1 to Line 0 before I could boot Win 7 from Drive C. I was then able to update single boot Win 7 to single boot Win 10.
Thanks again!