Removing one OS from a two OS HD


Hi there. Just joined today.

I have EasyBCD 2.0.2. I have a 1 TB hard drive divided equally into two partitions. One is my default Win 7 and the other half is Win XP.

I want to get rid of Win XP so I can use the entire 1 TB HD from my default Window 7 only. Can EasyBCD do this? How? I don't want to keep two partitions, but I want the HD as one big hard drive with just Win 7 on it.

I forgot that information. My default bootup is Windows 7. Attached is my EasyBCD details. You will notice a second Win 7 as #3. I had a physical 2nd HD with the old beta Win 7 on it. I removed that hard drive from my system, but the boot still show.

I am not worried about that, but I just want my TB HD to contain my C drive with my default Win 7 only. I just don't use XP anymore.

Hope this is what you were asking for.



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OK, Windows XP is on D:, and the bootloader itself is also on D:

You need to first go to EasyBCD | BCD Backup/Repair | Change Boot Drive
Select 'C:' from the drop-down and OK the prompt.

Let that finish. You can now safely format the D: and expand C: to fit the whole drive with any partition tool.
Thank you! Another real quick question please. In order to format D, can I just go to D drive under My Computer and select Format after EasyBCD is done OR do I format D in some other way? What is a recommended partition tool? (I know that's two questions)

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Yes, that'll work.

If you can give me a screenshot of Control Panel | Admin Tools | Computer Management | Disk Management, I'll be better able to advise you on the partitions question.
Thank you so much! I sure appreicate your time and expertise for us that just don't know. If I have another question, I'll be back :smile:

You are great!
You're most welcome, glad to be of service.

If there's anything else you need, just ask.

Good luck!