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I attempted to use Norton ghost 15 to make a clone copy of my multiboot operating system disk after I had finished I had found that the boot entry for Windows XP now contain two elements neither of which would allow a proper boot to XP my Windows 7 boot function would work the XP elements or the original boot logger and a new one that said XP home edition which was not part of the original boot log. I then loaded BCD 1.52 looked around I then delete it the XP entry hoping to reset this this failed and I cannot access XP I have included screenshots of my drive network and current BCD settings at this moment I can function in Windows 7 but would like to access my XP system. Does anyone know the proper way to restore my XP boot log . Also if anyone knows the proper way to ghost the system that information would be appreciated but most importantly I would just like to return the system to a normal state. Thank you.


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Wow ! that's a seriously out of date copy of EasyBCD.
Windows 7 hadn't even been thought of when that was released.
Get EasyBCD 2.0 latest build, delete the XP entry, add a new XP entry, let EasyBCD auto-configure when it offers.
Easy2 should be able to cope with the unlettered W7 "system" partition, (it's sometimes confused in circumstances not fully understood yet) but if the above doesn't result in an immediately successful dual-boot, then give that partition a letter in Disk Management, and do it again.