Restore HP Pavilion Windows 7 through Recovery Partition and EasyBCD


I am facing a serious problem from Last Night, Actually I was trying to Install Windows Server 2008 as a secondary OS on my HP Pavilion dv6 laptop.
It had made another partition to do so, but mistakenly I overwrite the new window on the existing Windows 7 from the manufacturer.
Now All my Windows 7 has gone, and I only have the Recovery partition ( size almost 19 gb ) left.
When I press F11 , it redirects me to the Windows Server 2008 desktop.

I searched different forums and came to know that the Recovery Partition can be made use of EasyBCD and the laptop could be brought back to its factory settings state utilizing the files in the Recovery partition and EasyBCD.

Now I only have Recovery Partition and EasyBCD installed ( after Windows Seever I installed Windows 7 again on primary partition inactivated)
and Somebody please help to recover my laptop initial stage with Genuine and preactivated Windows 7.

Please suggest....
I'm looking for another .WIM file other than the 16GB one in the 3rd screenshot. Can you find it?
Couldn't be easier.

EasyBCD | Add New Entry | WinPE

Name: HP Recovery
Path: Z:\System.sav\FactoryUpdate\boot.wim

Add Entry

Reboot and test.
It gives following error :frowning:

Windows Boot Manager

Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.
To fix the problem:

1. Insert your Windows installation disc and restart your computer.
2. Choose your language settings, and then click "Next".
3. Click "Repair youe computer".

If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

Source: d:\w7rtm\minkernel\boot\environ\app\bootmgr\bootmgr.c
Line : 671
Info : An unexpected error has occured.
Dear All,

I found it myself and its a headache and irritating situation when you loose your geniune and activated windows provided by the manufacturer :x

If you have the recovery partition untouched Recovery ( D: ) on your hp laptop, do the following steps to bring it back to its factory state.

1. Goto Control Panel > Folder Options > Uncheck all the checks for Hiding the files on the PC.
2. Now Browse to the Recovery partition ( D: ), you will see some files.
3. Download Win-7Zip from the internet , Install it and Open Win-7Zip.
4. Browse in Win-7Zip Console for Recovery > PreLoad > base.wim (this base.wim contains all the data ( softwares and drivers ) which were installed on the hp laptop.


5. Browse more inside to base.wim > 4 > RM ( There would be four folders inside base.wim file with the name of 1,2,3,4 . You have to browse for the 4th one "4". Inside 4, look for RM folder, basically you have to find the file RecoveryManager.exe, and in my case it was found in the RM folder).
6. Extract the complete RM folder to any destination on HDD with any folder name you want, I gave the name "Factory_Restore" , Extract all the files of the RM folder to that folder through Win-7Zip.
7. Inside the folder you extracted, you will find many files alongwith the RecoveryManager.exe file.
8. Now just run the RecoveryManager.exe and the recovery manager console will be opened. I selected the "Restore to Factory Option" from the recovery manager console and this will restore your hp laptop to the fatory settings with Genuine and activated windows 7 shipped with your laptop.

Note : And once it is recovered, do this thing first. Create Recovery discs from Recovery Disc Creation in Win7.

Windows7 on hp laptop can be recovered from any OS installed on the primary partition, just you have to have the Recovery Partition on you drive.
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I concur with your last note about the first thing to do after setting up a system.
Also, think about what to do before starting setup, as mentioned here, to avoid future similar catastrophes
Excellent news, and thanks for sharing your solution.

BTW, create recovery discs doesn't create a CD you can use to restore your system to factory setting. That would be the create whole PC backup option.
installing windows 2008 server r2 on Pavilion DV 6 notebook


Khizr were you successful in installing windows 2008 server r2 on your pavilion dv6 laptop? i searched on hp website and they have drivers only for Windows 7 Home Premium 32 and 64 for my DV6-3184ee, no drivers available for windows 2008 server.

i am planning to format my machine and install windows 2008 server r2, any suggestions?

also, i have windows product key on the back of my machine, if i format both c and d (recovery partition), would i be able to install windows 7 with this product key?


I am facing a serious problem from Last Night, Actually I was trying to Install Windows Server 2008 as a secondary OS ....
Bother i have tried the solution you have posted, now when i run the "Recovery Manager.exe my system restart and nothing else happens, would you plz let me know what should i have to do now, looking forward to have something useful reply soon.
Yes using the Restore option will put it back to factory settings. That means none of your data will be saved.
That will depend on the status of your setup as it is right now. If you can boot into Windows then all you need is an external drive to move your data too. If your Windows does not boot then you are stuck using a LiveCD like Ubuntu to get your data off of the machine before you restore it.