Restore one OS on dual boot PC


I have an Acer laptop with dual boot Vista/XP home, three partitions, one for data, and one each for Vista and XP. I approach EasyBCD through Vista. I made a backup of the partition with XP OS with Acronis True Image. When I restored a former system state, as a result the PC would not start up anymore (not even Vista) because the Bootmanager file was missing on both OS. I have resolved that problem now (what a way to spend your day off...!) but I'd prefer to avoid this kind of hassle.
Q. 1: Is it possible at all, in this configuration, to backup just one OS?
Q. 2: If so, should I tackle this from Easy BCD or should I take my question to Acronis?
Q. 3: If from Easy BCD: HOW???
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It sounds like your XP partition was "system" (i.e. contained all the boot files including Vista's).
post a Disk Management screenshot and BCD settings details (you'll find instuctions in the sticky thread) and we'll see what the current status is since your repair.
If necessary, we'll tell you how you can use EasyBCD to make Vista "system" and future image restores of XP should not affect the boot.
(EasyBCD won't do backups for you (except the BCD store). It's just for configuring your boot information)
Thank you so far. Please don't unsuscribe to this topic yet: It will not be before a few days that I will have time to get going with this.
OK here we go, mods! I hope the attached files are the ones you meant.
I'm sure you'll be able to understand the Dutch in the Diskmanagement screenshot...?
I am a homerecording musician and I am in the process of trimming down the XP OS to my needs, so there's probably going to be a lot of trial and error and subsequent restoring. I use Acronis True Image for backups. It would be ever so nice if I could restore the XP independantly!


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I see you have text size set larger than default, so half the description has disappeared from your buttons


Get yourself a copy of the very latest build of EasyBCD 2.0 (new builds coming thick and fast), and using the "BCD Install/Repair" button (5th), choose the "Change boot Drive" option and it will copy the boot files to C: (point it there when it asks), and that will become the "system" partition. Future boots should use the Vista copy of the files, and your XP partition should be restorable without affecting the boot as long as you don't use any backup/restore app which rewrites the MBR. Just copy the partition.
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Interesting... usually the font size is fixed... unless Easys got a setting where its adjustable by the user. Checking it out...

Hmm..seems Easy does have a font setting, but this appears to only be for the View Settings page. Which build are you using?
It's nothing to do with the font. This happens when you set the DPI to 120p, and that messes up *everything* on the system that isn't especially coded to work with 120p.

I'm fixing it now, it seems the number of people that are using 120p these days has skyrocketed!