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Right. What's the shortest way to crash XP so it can never boot up again :tongueout:

You go and delete boot.ini and then go in Windows folder and select all files and delete, it wont delete all, but a lot :tongueout: then, turn off the computer and wait for the victim to come and use it. :evil: If you wanna burn the hardware, go to BIOS and....... :??

Okay now seriously... I never wrote a poem in my life before, or at least I can't remember, but in this year, this summer, I started writing... and by now I have wow... hm I didnt count but there are about 30 poems by me.. they are all.. love poetry... :tongueout:

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I once sorted by Windows folder by file type. :lol: Naw just kidding. I wrote song lyrics a while back. But no poetry since i was a kid. Havent needed it. Words make more of a impression than a poem. At least to my Wife they did. :tongueout:


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Lucky you.. I gotta tell my girlfriend that I love her trough deep passioned poetry from time to time. :grinning:


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Have you guys wrote a poem ever in your life? :smile:

very much so i have lol

(btw im back from home now YAY!)

ill have to track down some of my poetry from other boards

post some later


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Yey! :tongueout: nice.. if you post yours, I might be less afraid to post mine :tongueout:


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^ okay

i finally found a forum board with some of my writings on it:

(i know its really really long, also theres no title)

Splitting into broken glass
Looking through strange gas
My life never stops, although..
I know it will never be enough
For my time will not come,
While I stand watching from
This topless mountain,
With my self contained,
Beliefs in my selflessness
Holding on to all my ties of cowardliness
I sit and wait, my insides bleeding
With this strange world ever changing
What is it, that I still hold on to
Could it possible be you

I try my hand at things I don’t know
Only to be shot down, like right now
Staggering in my clouded brain
Wishing only for it to rain
With the blue skies, turning
Purple with all my sorrow’s churning
Thinking I’m not alone, here
In this place, with this tear
Running down my face,
I can’t find where I left my place
Behind me, behind the clouds of self doubt
Spinning my emotions that I have felt
Undertaking so little, over thinking so much
I try to grab it, try to stay in touch
With the world around me, thinking
That they have all abandoned me, my timing
Couldn’t be better, this isn’t over yet
I will find someone, you should bet,
That I do, for I know inside,
With all this monoxide,
What am I breathing in
As my head begins to spin,
I let it all soak in, knowing, hoping
That today might be the day, for saving
My soul, everyday life taking its toll,
When will I stop feeling this cold,
I know now that I will live,
I have to stop and don’t give,
In to my own weaknesses,
I see the witnesses,
Letting me enjoy my time
All of us getting along fine,
I open up my mind,
To look around and find
Things I once knew,
Seeing you standing there too

Shattered again as if it were a matter of fact
Why don’t I just go on the attack
To end myself all my pain, everyone’s sadness
Then it would all be done, I’d be dead and lifeless
I’ve tried, I really have but it all ends the same
Me twisted, torn up suffering and maimed
I really want to give up on all this
And its funny all my sorrows would disappear with a kiss
Never been close, never been touched, only been seen from a far
Why can’t others suffer, why isn’t life fair
My hands wont stop from shaking
And I know so very well im breaking
Into pieces, that no one can fix, not
Me not anyone can unite my life’s knot

I do care, I know I love, but what if we didn’t know
This isn’t ours alone, and we now know how
To be together, from a far, looking for your star
I’ll get there, I know I will get to be there, even without a car
For you, I would, give myself even at the loss of my life
I’ll try hard, but you have to too, we will be going through a lot of strife


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Dude, that was seriously... :'-(

(Guru!!! You are missing crying smiley here :tongueout:)


Okay, now something from me :smile:

My Heart

Don't tell me not to cry
When my heart is about to die
It has no reason to go
When everything between us
Is gone. That's for sure.

The sign you gave
Made me stare like a child
Raise to the stars, now
My heart has to pay the price

First day in my life
I don't feel so right
All my eyes can see is
How much you mean to me.

It's very clear
I'm not so near
But I could be, soon
Maybe next full moon.

My silent scream
Woke me up
It was a dream
Of you in my heart.

You're still inside
Without you
My heart would
Fall apart, it's true.

Every word is too much
Feels like sword in my mouth
The feelings wont go away
They are just unsaid.
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Sorry to bring this back from the dead. But i got my External drive back from my buddy. Sad thing is i am still missing about another 20GB or so of music. But i got around 100GB back.

So for a total now i have roughly 4,097 different artists and 34,219 songs. According to the WinAmp screen after adding all my media files. Not to bad i would have to say.:tongueout:
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i plasurized my older brothers poem when i was in 2nd grade and got an a on it:
there were mice
who lived on ice
and had lots of lice

keep in mind i was in 2nd grade


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i plasurized my older brothers poem when i was in 2nd grade and got an a on it:
there were mice
who lived on ice
and had lots of lice

keep in mind i was in 2nd grade

Wow... that is.. just... revolutionary, dude! :grinning: Interesting :smile:


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Oh I had to! :grinning: Its inspiring. :smile:


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the teacher actually told me to change the word lice because it made her itch her head


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Haha! He/She've lost her breath, probably. :grinning:


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ifyoure talking about plasurisim she found oput later and told me i could go to jail yeah right over a three verse poem i think not
there was actually a phycological study about just some words lice was actually one of them a large percentage of participents actuall started itching when they hear it im actually itching right now seriously itchitch