The Introduction Thread


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On behalf of the entire NeoSmart community, Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!

We're glad you could join us, and hopefully we can help you in any way you can. Whether you're here looking for help, have some wisdom to share, or are simply looking for a great place to chill out and relax; you've come to the right place.

If you have a minute or two, post away and let us know a thing or two about yourself, we'd love to hear about you. While you're at it, visit your user control panel and upload an avatar and a signature - in short, make yourself at home!

And, always, if you need anything all you have to do is holler! :grinning:
how/why/when did you join?

I think Wikipedia is a good website for some quick facts but as far as usability it's not on my list of favorite websites. i signed up for an account about 6 months ago and never bothered using it.
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Welcome to the forum Angie, not often anyone posts here for the first time without a desperate plea for help as the prime motive.
^ lol

i came here with the plea for help, you did too didnt you Terry?


they deleted someting a friend of mine added to Uncylcopedia lol
I didnt come here with a plea for help. Not at first. I knew Guru from before back when he was at a site not to be mentioned. I stumbled upon the release of EasyBCD and read a article about how some application tried to claim it. So i stopped by the site here and gave Guru my support. The rest is history.

We had some communication back in those days. Nothing like now. It always seems to be the strangest of situations where i meet the best of people. Not like i will argue. :grinning:
My first post wasnt a cry for help.
I read something in a thread about Monk and i mentioned his appearance in MIB.
Though my second post was a cry for help about Crysis and DX10 :wink:
welcome angie mine was a cry for help about my phone
i became friends with my best friend after he stole my lunch hehe
^ im going to make a thread for all this joining discussion, Guru or Mak can move these posts over there after i make and and delete this one, if they have the time ^_^
how/why/when did you join?

from the recent deviation in a thread i thought making one about that deviation would be the only correct thing to do


So how/why/when did you first join this awesome community?

For me i found the site in a google search, i was trying to find out if it were possible to remove IE (which i found out is impossible lol), and that was about half way through my first semester of college.


Lol Guru, if you could maybe tell us the story of how all Neosmart got to be around and how you got inspired to make a great site and awesome programs, ^_^
Haha, great thread.

How did Sarge end up here?

:lup::wtf: Good question, hmm! Well, I believe I became a member here in first half of the month when these forums started working. I believe you guys should thank me for having Hardware and Stuff section, it was created for me :tongueout: personally! :??Kidding, but I was first user of it. :smile: At that time Peter were around here a lot, he had like 200 posts more then me.

No, I didn't come for help primary, but I did get a lot of help after, and gave a little bit (very little). Believe it or not, there was at some point, I loved it, it was my blog. Guru helped me and some other people with the project I and other people are working on even today.

That's it from me. :lol: Cheers.
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i found out about this website by my brother i was reading some of the older threadsa and many people who were with the website when it first began has left that is as far as i can tell, such as jane (i think that was her name) who it seems was sarges enemy and toxic chicken?
i believe that jane said in one of her posts that you were the last person she had left to hunt down
Haha! Teasing Jane was a real pleasure! :tongueout: Shame she isn't here often.
does that mean she still posts?