The Introduction Thread


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welcome to the site saxon just a suggestions somebody change the first post in this thread people might think it refers to this site (i believe it refer to wiki)


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The title is right, the first post is in the wrong order thats all.
Apparently people have realised what this is about even with the mix-up
(cough) Saxon(cough) :smile:


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It does refer to this site Ali. It's another one of my accidental threads. I happened to comment to a newbie in another thread how unusual it was to welcome someone new who wasn't in deep trouble of some kind. (they'd just posted a comment without a cry for help, as their 1st post)
That started a discussion about why we'd first visited, which got moved by the mods into a new thread when the other thread began to become poly-topical. That's why it doesn't have a logical start. That became part of yet another thread I think, which was also diverging from the original, because it was slightly more relevant to that one than this.


I found the NeoSmart forums as a result of tumbling over EasyBCD, which (with TweakUI), is exactly what I was looking for to enhance my Vista install.



Hello from sunny Belfast, Northern Ireland :??

Well found this site by researching "how to dual boot XP with Vista" Ive done all my reading and now to put the reading to the test. If I dont reply within a few days you know somethins happened :lol:.

Anyways am of to grab HnS to add to my collection before i take the plunge.

Nice informative site BTW.

Regards sparky2k1


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Welcome Sparky,
Generally people post here with problems because they've jumped in with both feet before reading anything. You appear to be very sensibly doing things the other way round, and will hopefully therefore sail through to an easy trouble-free dual boot.
Best of luck, post back anyway.


I came here from a google search looking desperately for the image resizer powertoy that will work on XP64 (I use that thing about every day and for my needs it's the best.. .right click, choose size, bam, done) and am finding a community of very friendly people.

I think I'll hang around for awhile!

Thanks for the warm welcome over on the XP64 powertoys thread!

I know about EasyBCD already and have heard many good things about it.

Since I personally refuse to run Vista, I don't use it myself, but the word on the streets is that it's a fantastic tool.