The Introduction Thread

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Thanks Guru!

Terry how so? The falcon punch is scientifically proven to be the only defense to the Chuck Norris round house kick.
Ah, but I've seen Legolas felled by one thrust of a pitchfork in the hands of a psychotic house-wife !
Don't you watch Midsomer Murders ?
No, terry i don't it makes me cringe such a small town so many murders the population should consist of one lonely nutter with a dolls head collection, a heard of sheep an a small worried chicken.
Midsomer's not a town Justin, it's a County.
That many murders would be unusual in one town of course, but spread amongst the many villages, it's quite believable !
Last time i heard it was 5, from what I am listening to on the news it was in a district populated mostly with game shops so i am looking forward to seeing headlines "Games cause violence!" all across the tabloids tomorrow.
I really appreciate EasyBCD and iReboot, especialy the last because i never liked the "selection" black screen from Windows. With iReboot, I don't see this ugly screen any more !!! :smile:

I wish to participate in this program development.

Hi Robert, welcome again to NeoSmart Technologies.

It's great to hear people enjoying our software - it's the sole reason it exists in the first place.

Thanks for your offer to help out with the translation - why don't you stick around the forums, and lend your expertise to help out those in need?
Most presentations seems to be a description of how you discovered this site. I don't remember
I was just clicking my way through the usual haphazard way and ended up here somehow. So, I'll give a quick run down on who I am instead by a few random facts.

  • Born 1954 in Stockholm, Sweden and still live here. Sweden is a good place to live. High standard of living with good public health care and social security systems even if things have started to move in the wrong direction lately.

  • If I didn't live here I would like to live in one of the Mediterranean countries or Latin America. Big families with many generations living close together has always attracted me.

  • I'm retired on medical grounds, a rare sleep disorder being the main but not only cause.

  • I don't say no to a game of billiards if given the opportunity although I prefer Carom or Snooker rather than Pool.

  • I did most of my travelling in the 70's hitch hiking in Europe.

  • I don't have a TV set. People ask me if I live in a cave but I tell them it feels like I left a cave when I got rid of the TV.

  • I like the kindness of strangers.

If you haven't fallen asleep yet reading this you deserve a medal.
Hiya Pontus - that's the kind of stuff this thread was actually made for!

Interesting stuff there, always wondered how life in Sweden is - how are your internet speeds?

(I don't have a TV either - it was originally surprising how easy it was to get along without it, but now I can't imagine having one in the house :smile:)

Anyway, great having you around!
i heard that the government gives all citizens there a very large "allowance"
not sure if thats true
funnily enough i just noticed the midsumer murders topic considering i was watching an episode yesterday
i gotta say Barnaby beats Horacio Kane any day plus he drives a jaguar which is his unlike Kanes company hummer
Good heavens, I just counted, and though I only have 3 TVs in the house; with old portables in storage, VCRs, DTR, and PCI cards, I can muster a total of 18 analogue and digital tuners !
Sorry Saxon, I only have 2 PCI cards. One in this PC (dual digital), and one in my backup PC (digital /analogue hybrid) There is a redundant analogue tuner in the backup PC, and another digital/ analogue hybrid in this PC but they're both integrated into my graphics cards (ATi AIW).
I bought the hybrid for the old PC to get digital freeview, and the dual-digital for this PC because MS/ATi refuse to provide support or drivers for the AIW on Vista, and I was fed-up with having to boot XP to watch TV (though that's the main reason I started dual-booting in the first place)
Worth a shot i guess :grinning:

I dont watch TV much but I am considering getting one for the radio on freeview my radio took a dump on me recently an I cant be botherd getting a new cheepo one.
This is about as cheap and simple as it gets for digital radio on your PC. (and transportable to your laptop too if you have one)
That is cheep I will order it soon, it's cheeper than the simmiler ones I have been looking at atleast.

Oh an yea I have a laptop or 3 in my possetion, Rnging from crap to great....
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