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I'm here! And i'm pretty gosh darn happy about it ladies and gents! Love having the introduction thread its a great place to get accustomed to the forum. Hope to meet all of you out there...


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Hello all good folk! I very much look forward to raising my room temp. I.Q.
as I learn from all of You. Peace.. Cheers.. Thanks - coolest Site around! Sidney
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Hi Sidney,

Welcome to the forums! We're happy to have you here, and hope to see you around.


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just came aboard, someone told me that easybcd support mac os x 10.7 lion, so i am here to test it out.


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Thank you for welcoming me into your forum.
I am French and my English is... not the top but I try to fix it :|
I'll start by reading your posts.


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Hey there peeps, just wanted to say hi....


i found this site by trying to find a good program to solve those "bootmgr is missing" errors and i think i may have found it, gona test it later thou.

For me, I first discovered NeoSmart Technologies shortly after Win 7 was released, I found a link in a NeoSmart article where I could download repair discs for the new OS. At the time, it was a straight download, then it became a torrent, I'm unsure of the status today. But I still have the CD's, and the .iso files on a flash drive for both 32 & 64 bit Win 7.

Recently, I was researching another topic, and ran across the forum. After thinking about it, I've found several pieces of valuable info from this site, and decided to join. It is my hope to return the favor & be a contributor here. Until recently, I was primarily a Windows user, but after getting some things down pat (the learning curve), I'm now mainly a Linux Mint user. I like the idea of not having to shell out big bucks every 3 years just to have the latest Windows, and don't miss the constant maintenance that comes with the OS.

Hopefully, I can learn a few Linux tricks here, too. I prefer a site not dedicated to a single brand of OS, where everyone can participate.

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Hey Cat, welcome to the forums!!

The downloads are still around, though we just recently (two weeks ago?) had to start charging for them at Microsoft's behest.

We're glad to see you here, especially if you've been lurking around the community that long. A lot of us here use more than one OS at least on a part time basis, and I know some others like me have developed for all 3 major platforms at one time or the other. Hopefully you'll learn and teach here!


Hi All !
Quiet happy to have discover thisplace and the softawre going with
EasyBCD is a must for me as I was struggling against my IT who want to add some L_o_g_m_e_i_n spy on my pc
I know it is their job but I have only one PC while on the move and I admit I do some personnal things on may job'pc
Now the things are much more clear ! I boot on a vhd and it work like a charm
A good point could be to add a pasword on the boot menu to keep people away of my vhd or to dont display the choice menu but a combiantion of key lauch one or the orher of the od
just few thoughts
Thanks again for your job


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Hey Ciberyan, welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately it's not possible to set a password on the boot menu, but I'd say either put a BIOS password or just a password on your VHD's main user account :smile:
Cyberyan, it's easy (with most) PC's & notebooks to set up a password in the BIOS. In fact, I have it set that way for me. Like yourself, it was a privacy issue, secondly I don't want anyone on either of my computers. I view lending my computers the same as lending my car, that's a no-no for me.

On many computers, both a user & supervisor passwords can be created. The only other option that I know of, and this is the hard (& much time consuming) way, is to use either BitLocker (only available on certain editions of Windows), or TrueCrypt, which will encrypt most anything & is totally free. If you need total encryption, that's the way to go.

But to keep a quick snooper off of your computer, the BIOS lockdown is the quickest & easiest way to do it.



Hello everybody, I'm new here.
I follow the suggestion presenting a bit myself.
I love music, dancing and on the pc, playing videogames like wing commander, shooters, and (don't know the category) other like medal of honor, crysis... To not talk about civilization & co.
...collecting movies just to fill the harddisks...

Computer should be my hobby because of the use and not because of the time spent setting things up.
My fault is that I wanted to have all working in the best and fasted way, with multiple options... and never did an informatic school.

I'm letting other hobbyes apart from now.

My main question about pc is, how everybody that talks about advanced things and settings has got his knowledge?
I'm getting mine by trying to have a fast and working OS, doing mistakes, but it isn't a very clever way.
I't is not that I don't like playing with dual boots and installing and finding drivers, to not talk about choosing the hardware by reading loooots of rewiews, but I love womens too :wink:.

So for now I will post a question in the other section.

Have fun and drive fast. Never crash. (I forgot I'm a motorbiker too)
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