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I am Hadrien/m/28 from Odeillo, France (PromesCNRS laboratory).

I joined NeoSmart because it was needed to download EasyBCD but I imagine I will come back to this forum later when questions will appear.

Hello all!

Name's Olentzero, I'm an American expat living in Stockholm. I recently inherited an old work computer that still runs Vista (which I'll affectionately call Frankenstein for various reasons). Having some issues that I'll post over in the Windows thread, and I've got my fingers crossed that I'll find the help I need here.
Hi to all from Europe, my name is Reaper. I´m comming here because of great tools and many great people with experiences that are taking care of others with less luck with installing or resolving computer issues. Thanks. (Sorry for my english).
I am here because I have an urgent need to perform Sony VAIO recovery after total HDD failure. :x

I have a Sony VAIO PGC-71312M running Windows 7 Home Premium as supplied by the manufacturer. I have a completely unusable failed HDD and therefore there is no available recovery partition. I have the Sony set of three recovery DVDs which I created immediately I took delivery of the computer when new. I was alarmed to find that they are useless without an intact HDD with recovery and system partition.

Can you offer me a product which will enable me to return my VAIO to a useable state running Windows 7 as supplied by Sony? I have a brand new 320GB SATA HDD ready for use. I have read your information but am unsure what I should be purchasing to achieve what I want to do.

Can Easy Recovery Essentials do what I require?
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Welcome to the forums. No the EasyRE disk wont help. It isn't a system disk, only meant to repair unbootable or malfunctioning systems that are already installed. Your best bet is to purchase a new system disk to install on a new HDD.
Make sure it's from a reputable source.

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I should have added there are companies that specialize in data retrieval so your personal files may at least be salvageable from the old HDD. Or you may even be able to simply connect the old HDD to your newly replaced one and read the files that way, if you can power up that drive.
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Hello to everybody,
Thanks for a beautiful software i.e. easybcd. in leagacy mbr windows 7 plus fedora it worked beautifully.

Is it works for uefi gpt based dual boot windos8.1 and fedora?
I ask in advance because i fear that not knowing may make windows not bootable.

Presently in my hp laptop,every time i install linux, HP overwrites bios (efi mode with or without secureboot). It overwrites grub and defaults to windows bootloader. To boot fedora workaround is to hit escape key while booting and then press f9 to get boot menu.
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About myself and why I came to Neo-Smart.

I have a Win7x64 computer that has boot problems. I had a problem with the Windows Installer and called Microsoft for help. After an hour of
their tech help, it wouldn't boot either. Sometimes it will boot in safe mode and work all right but as soon as I try to boot in normal mode it crashes and sometimes says can't find boot loader. So I am going to try EasyRE, perhaps with a USB drive if it won't boot from the CD.

I have a minor criticism of the way Neo-Smart chooses to download. Instead of just downloading the .iso file, Neo-Smart does something weird. The download could not be found in the Download file. All that was there was an http file, with no link to the .iso. I had to use the Windows Search function to find EasyRE. It was in a temporary internet file. It's not the way I would choose to do a download, even if it is free. Also, sorry I couldn't like you on Facebook because I do not like anyone on Facebook, since I will not join Facebook. I don't want any of the ten thousand people who will aggravate me daily if I join.

I'm really hoping that your product will help me out. I'll let you know what happened.
Hello. My name is Ben, known s BeVar.
I am a retired computer tech from the same company that has been in business for 25 years building and repairing computers of all kinds.
I am 67 years old and still fighting to stay alive. Had 5 surgeries last year; 2014 was a year of constant recoveries. It sucked.

I personally have about 16 to 18 desktops and 4 or 5 laptops between me and my wife.
Funny about the laptops, I hate them; real pain in the ass they are. All of them even the i7 model. I believe laptops are just inherently anemic.

But i just love my personal desktop. Not even a Haswell part yet just an i7 3470. I say just but wow it sure is fast and enjoyable to use

I've used Easy Recovery Essentials Pro and like it. It's my go to tool when Windows goes upside down.

Came here today looking for an update or upgrade.
Figured I'd look through the Forums for info and advise before bugging tech support.
I just joined today after downloading the windows vista recovery disc. I burned it to a flash drive & put it in the vista (i'm using xp right now) after changing the boot device to removable, i've tried it 5 separate times since i downloaded it & it keeps saying boot failed..could anybody give me some advice??
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