The Introduction Thread

Ok, I'll post an introductory message as requested by the auto-message-upon-registration.

I'm a fan of microcomputers, having started with CP/M and a NorthStar that my father bought for his CPA practice in 1977. I finally got my own machine in 1985 with a Compaq Portable (Luggable) weighing in at 28 lb (13 kg). I also obtained a color monitor (4 color CGA, 320x200 resolution) then. Including a 9-pin printer capable of 30 cps (speed, baby, speed) and a 1200 baud modem. After all, the system cost nearly $3200.

I eventually moved up to a 386, Pentium 90 Mhz, Pentium 4 at 1.9 Ghz, and now a QuadCore and 6 GB RAM for less than $900. Funny how the capabilities increased but the cost went down. Thank you Mr. Moore and your law.

So I have been playing with these machines for quite a while, but I did come with a plea for help being nicely answered in the support forum. We're all struggling for the right answer, but I'm confident it will be figured out. If not, we'll be like David Brent and "have a laugh."



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Hello Borice91 and Erik and welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Erik, that's surprisingly cheap for 1985!

Hopefully we can help you guys solve any problems you may have :smile:


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Windows 7 triple boot setup working!

Glad I stumbled upon easybcd -- I wanted to take Linux on a test drive, but depend on my windows environment so much that I didn't want to risk damaging it by installing a new boot loader on my computer.

You might want to put a warning somewhere for your windows 7 users, because I burned a lot of time thinking something was wrong with my Linux installation, before I found the forum posts about beta2 :frowning:((

But I'm a happy booter now. Triple boot into Windows 7/Windows XP or Linux.

Booting from Vancouver Island, Canada.



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Good idea. I'll probably place a link to the EasyBCD 2.0 beta on the official EBCD download page.

Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies :grinning:



My full nick name is Clyde Radcliffe, and have been using computers since the dawn of the humble Commodore 64. From where I obtained my handle from a classic c64 title called Creatures.

I am apart of my own demo group called Gravity that work on gfx demos, special pixel effects in what spare time life has to offer us. if curiousity has you puzzled, you can see find our antics at in the forums section under showcase of either demo or intro.

I came across you guys, when I needed to play my xp games properly, with direct3D audio etc, but also tinker in Vista - as I quite like it, despite it's not very handy compatability issues. So thus, I needed away to get access to both Ozzy's via dual booting. I found that having vista installed first, that it was sharing the same stuff from putting XP on second. So, had to re-do it all, with XP first and then VIsta. And Easy BCD made it possible to sort out the boot sector blues.

Hope I havent rambled on too much, and it's great to meet you Ladies and Gents.

Cheers and all the very best,


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Hi All,

Found you when I was searching for a way to boot my hubby's laptop since he keeps getting a message that it want's to reformat his hd. Thought I'd better be ready, just in case. Found EasyBCD so now I'm armed and ready.

I got my first pc Feb '87 Cost me an arm and leg for 20mb hd! State of the art the day I bought it - ROFL! Now have a bigger, better, faster machine. Would like to have a big doozie with all the bells and wistles. That's on my todo list for later. I've been running self made websites for various personal interests for the past 8 years. Thought maybe I'd give some of the free site templates a spin. So have finally finished 3 of the sites that look pretty good. I'm not real fast, but I'm persistent!

So here's a big wave from me to you! - later, K


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Hi, there! I'm new in this forum. Recently I had a problem to boot XP after reinstalling Vista on my dual-boot laptop. It was like a nightmare to search information through net for solving this problem cause I know nothing about computers. Thanks to this forum and EasyBCD 2.0 I found everything I need. Thank you very much for this wonderful program.


Hi. I am sure glad NeoSmart exists and I am keen to be a member too. I have just done two new things and like many new things they bring problems.
1. Installed a RC of Windows 7
2. Installed Ubuntu Linux
Now I want them to work together happily. So thats what brought me here.


Say Hello

I take the time to say "Hello". I am new to the neosmart-forum, a member since 1 Day. I am a semi-professional computer-user, who is interested in various fields of computing.
Wireless LAN, Virtualisation, Windows Server & AD, etc.
I hope to really get some inspiration from this forum.



Hello to all. I just found this forum while searching for information about dual booting and setting up RAID. My head is still spinning. This is a great resource.


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Hi. Thanks for creating this nice peace of software which saved me a lot of time to figure out the boot problems I had with dual booting my OS. (Vista and XP).