Three drives-Sata 4,5,6-win xp pro-Vista Home Premium and Win 7 Ultimate


Everything is working properly now and Easy BCD has done its job successfully! I once again have a boot load manager and am accessing all three volumes properly.:smile:

The original instructions Terry posted have worked well and repaired/created a new boot manager for my system. The problem I had accessing WIN XP was solved by booting from the Recovery disk and commanding the recovery console to "FIXBOOT". I tried that because the volume was showing up just fine in "Disk Management"

After rebooting I was able to access and use WIN XP, So then I went back to Terry's instructions and re-created the settings in ADD/REMOVE ENTRIES allowing Easy BCD to auto configure WIN XP and Presto!

Easy BCD did its job and created a new boot load manager for my three volume system and all is back to normal.:smile:

I am going to attempt to upload 2 screen shots of the finished product but if it still isn't working properly I wish to thank Terry very much and also Coolname007 for all of his help as well.

Thank you Gentlemen!


PS..The upload attachment of this software is still not working so I cannot upload the attachments..I'm sorry for that. Thanks again all!
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Coolname007 hi
I did follow what you advised me to do, and yes after doing that i had three booting systems able to boot from them.
But concerning the xp it succeed to boot only once after adding its entry in by the bcd2 beta, every time i shut down the pc i only be able to boot from the win7 and vista only to solve the problem of the xp i have to log on different os and remove the xp entry from the bcd then readding it again, doing so it enable me to log to the xp system but again only for one time and i have to repeat the steps again.
when the xp fails to boot i got the massage that xp failed to boot due to one of your hard disk configuration ! plese refer to my previous massage to remember my case thanks
Hossam Abd elaal
Can you post a Disk Management screenshot and copy/paste the EasyBCD "display settings" output in detailed mode.
Which HDD is 1st in the BIOS boot sequence ?