Trying to get my Windows7 to boot after installing XP - troubles with the BCD.


Hi, first of all - im not a native english speaker so I apologize for my english skills. Second: Im kinda frustrated, being in hospital 2 months, got out and wanted to have Win7 and XP on one PC. Ended up with a huge mess...
Well, I am in XP now. I followed this guide: Recovering the Vista Bootloader with EasyBCD - EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki but it doesnt work for me. I done point 1 and 2, third is only possible while using Vista or higher Windows.
I have a boot.ini on my 100mb partition, can`t I just edit it manually?

btw. The BCD doesnt get detected automatically when I start EasyBCD, I have to show it. The path is D:\Boot\BCD . I have a feeling like its not active anymore or something, but I dont know :lup:.
boot.ini belongs to the XP bootloader (NTLDR) and won't help you get W7 booted.
In a W7/XP dual boot , the W7 bootmgr must be in control, and it will chain NTLDR for the XP boot only. NTLDR has no role in booting W7.
EasyBCD will look for the BCD on the active partition.
If you are having to locate it manually, then you probably have the wrong partition set active.
Use Disk Management to make D active and try again.
If you still have problems, post a Disk Management screenshot and the contents of EasyBCD "view settings" (detailed).
Sorry for the polish language, however a short translation D: Active, F: boot .

Edit: Ehhh how stupid, you dont even see whats written there because I took the shoot before expanding T_T . However, it is as said: D: Active, F: boot, and C: System(this one is another drive with 1 TB, not really used so far). My E: has nothing special written to it.
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Things have become confused because you have your HDDs in the wrong order in the BIOS boot sequence.
Somehow, your new drive has become "system" (this is where the boot files for the running system are located) "boot"(Rozruch) means "this is the running system".
Correct the boot sequence to put the 500Gb first and try again.