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This is my second post here. I would like to say *thank you* to Computer Guru , you made my life easy by providing solutions to every single topic here. Before posting here ,i searched for the similar topic i am suppose to discuss here, but i did not found any. Currently i am having 3 Operating system (Win7,OSx and Ubuntu) , i was using easybcd 1.7 and both win7 and osx86 were working fine but i was not able to boot to ubuntu.But thanks to Computer Guru, i found the solution where you had mentioned that its better to use easybcd 2.0 beta.Well now i am able to boot to Ubuntu but the only issue is ,currently i am having two bootloaders ,one is of easybcd on boot and when i chose neosmart linux it redirects me to grub bootloader menu. I was wondering if i can skip the grub loader and directly boot to Ubuntu instead of having two bootloaders. I can post whatever info needed. Thank you.

(sorry for *confusing* explanation)


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Hi Ibrahim,

You can set the timeout in the Grub menu to zero and the default to Ubuntu, that'll make it a one-menu sort of thing :smile:

Here's how: Grub 2 Basics - Ubuntu Forums
Just edit your menu.lst or grub.cfg (depending on whether you're using Grub or Grub2, respectively), and change the timeout value to 0.
Boot to Linux, then change the grub.cfg or menu.lst on the Ubuntu partition.
It will be in the /boot/grub directory.
Thank you, i think you meant from ubuntu. I found the way to do ,ill give it a try and will post it back here.Thanks a load for your quick response CG and coolname :smile:


CG you rocks,first i found your link quite lengthy but when it came to change the grub config ,finally i decide to take a look again and thats it,its working now :grinning:. Thanks coolname, the timeout=10 i changed it to '0'. Its in /boot/grub/grub.cfg, using terminal as sudo gedit /boot/grub/grub.cfg i was able to change the timeout value :smile: its working fine now.Thanks a load.CG you know i was wondering , i mean i have seen this chamaleon bootloader and it comes with a theme. I was wondering if easybcd has more than just a *menu* ,quite like them or icon to chose between the Operating systems. Thank you :smile: ,thanks a load.
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It uses the Windows basic menu to show the list and hand off the control, and that doesn't support pretty icons or themes, unfortunately.