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Seeing as Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distributions available, I've added a section in the EasyBCD User Manual dedicated to it...

You can view it here: Ubuntu - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

Hopefully all the Ubuntu dual-booters-to-be out there will find this helpful.

I'm planning on adding more distro-specific guides to the site when I get the chance; if it's a popular-enough idea...
i had already tried this (but waited for ur tut to see if i was doing something wrong) and here is what i am getting:
Loading New Partition
Bootsector from CH Hoch Statter
Cannot load from hard disk
Insert System disk or press any key
but i havnt installed grub :?: i un-selected ubuntu's bootloader option i havnt chosen grub installer from easybcd :?: ...
u want me to re-install grub by following from here on the given link i will do that however i must also tell u that i tied re-installing ubuntu still the same problem occured
You cannot skip the install grub step. Like the pictorial shows, you need to change where grub is installed to, not skip it entirely.

(Please use full English words/sentences so I can understand you better :smile:)
holy hell what a n00by error i made ... damn stupid of me lemme give this a re-try cause re-installing grub seems more complicated :grinning:
That's OK, everyone makes mistakes.

Important thing is to find out where you went wrong and be sure never to repeat that again :wink:

Reinstalling GRUB certainly is complicated though, so that's probably the best way to do it.
:booyah:Thanks CG, you just made my life a whole lot easier. I have been reading up on Ubuntu before I installed it. Now with this tutorial I am confident I can install it right the first time.
i dont know whats wrong now but it is still giving the same error

i have chosen hd0,4 as the grub location (easybcd also shows partition 4 for linux in the drop-down while add/removing an entry)

still when i boot and try to go into ubuntu it gives me the same 4 line error mentioned above

This is what easybcd is showing:
Entry #4

Name:  Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon
BCD ID:  {058fb7da-0091-11dc-bebb-001060b2f7a2}
Drive:  C:\
Bootloader Path:  \NST\nst_grub.mbr

also i just found that i have lost an entire 34 gig partition which contained all my backup and software and OS setups

how do i come to know the value of # in hd0,#
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OK, create a NeoGrub entry and leave the cofiguration file blank.

Select NeoGrub from the boot menu, and you'll be unceremoniously dumped into a console. Type this there:
find /boot/grub/menu.lst
It'll print the (hdx,y) answer.
problem soved i did a fresh install and i think it was the hd0,# problem maybe i had entered the wrong no. lsat time this time everything is working fine ... grub is being launched from the easybcd boot loader menu :grinning:
While this is great. The main page of the Wiki needs a bit of work. It needs some new redirects to all these new pages that have been added. I had to come to this topic here to get this page cause i couldnt find it any other way. :wink:
Hmmm.. good point.

There's a link to it from the Linux page @ Linux - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

And there's a link to the Linux page from the main page... But I don't know how to integrate it better than that. Any ideas?

I use this link for most of my navigation. It's an AJAX-based heirarchy tree, makes it quite easy to see what's available and how they're linked/stacked.
I use EasyBCD Documentation Home - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

That is the page i have bookmarked and use for my findings. But sometimes it is jsut hard to find what it is i am looking for. I will see what i can think of and try and help you out here. :wink:


Alright well let me see here. First maybe it isnt such a good idea to have the Tree view on. Maybe having the "Children" as s heading at the bottom or top of each catagory. Like the Add/Remove Wiki.

Add and Remove Entries - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

Now some people just want the documentation for the specific OS they are trying to add. So why not have it below the Add/Remove Entries explination but above the screenshot. Put the links in there for each corresponding OS. That way they can read how to do it. then have the link to the specific OS they want and then see the picture.


On the home page have the corresponding links to the different area below the What does EasyBCD do and how do i use it section but above the Support section. That way they can get the info they need about what it is and does then get to what they are looking for. After they exausted all options then they can come to the forum.

Like i said these are just some silly ideas. I dont know if they would work or not.
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My problem is that "Ubuntu" is a child of "Linux" and not of "Add and Remove Entries"

I'm not sure I understand what you're saying:
Maybe having the "Children" as s heading at the bottom or top of each catagory. Like the Add/Remove Wiki.

Isn't that how it already is? If you go to the Linux page, you'll see a link to Ubuntu one at the bottom.

On the home page have the corresponding links to the different area
I probably just don't have enough coffee in my system, but can you clarify what "corresponding links" you're talking about? Do you mean putting a list of all available OSes (and distros) there?

Of course another option is to set Ubuntu as a child of "Add/Remove Entries" instead of Linux.. But the only problem would be once I get screenshots for other Distros, that list could quickly get unmanageable....
I dont mean specifically have Ubuntu in the Add/Remove area. But have the links for the Linux and other OS's a bit higher in the Wiki. Having them at the bottom makes it hard for the average user to find the necessary link. So instead of having the Linux Heading at the bottom of the page move it up higher in the Add/Remove page. Something like this. Granted this is a very rough draft using Paint...


That way after they read how to add or remove a entry they have the corresponding links right there for them so they can go right where they need to and get the info required.

I think we are just getting everything mixed up cause of the fact this is in the Ubuntu topic. I mean in general not jsut for Ubuntu. :wink:

With the home page i mean move the Children section up. Put that area with all the links to the respective area up higher in the Wiki. That way when people get to the home page of the Wiki they can see that almost instantly and can get to where they want to go.