Ubuntu & Windows Vista Dual-Boot Pictorial


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I shrunk a partition out of my Windows Vista partion and used that empty space to load Ubuntu on. Once I did and loaded Ubuntu onto it, though, I now can't boot into Vista (it gives me the Grub screen on boot up). I used your pictorial to load Ubuntu, and had planned on using BCD once I got back into Vista (but I can't get there). I'm pretty sure I loaded Grub into the wrong place, but I did so by these instructions:

Step Six
Instead of (hd#) (in our example it was (hd0), but it may be different on your machine) we're going to use (hd0,1) - the partition we installed Ubuntu to. Remember the text in Step 4? "partition # ...... (x,y,z) (sd**) as reiserfs"? Well, we need that number now. Stick in (hdy,z) replacing y and z with y and z from the screen on Step 4.

My machine said that I was loading it on partition 2 of SCSI 1 (0,0,0) as resierfs. So the first time I tried to install Ubuntu, in the Advanced tab, I put hd0,1 (as that would be partition 2; however, it gave me a fatal error on install, so I did it again and just followed your instructions to the T (as far as I could tell). By your instructions, y and z were 0,0 so I put in hd0,0, and now here we are.

Any advice would be really appreciated.


I ended up moving Grub to its appropriate partition (hd0,1), which didn't fix the boot problem. So I then reinstalled Windows in the partition (where it was supposed to be working already), which fixed the boot problem, and now Vista and Ubuntu are living together well.

For what it's worth, I don't understand why Ubuntu failed the first time when I tried to install the Grub loader on hd0,1 where it was supposed to be. Any idea about that?

Anyway, BCD seems to be working just fine now. Thanks for the great product!
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Hey sartoris, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

I'll have to look at the output of the "summary screen" in the Ubuntu setup again... but what you're saying sounds right (second partition of first drive == hd0,1)

Putting hd0,0 means you overwrote the Vista bootloader with the Ubuntu one, and that's why you had to reinstall the Vista bootloader from the DVD.

At any rate, glad it's working now. I'll post back when I have a definitive answer for the x,y,z thing....

Thanks for sharing your experience :smile: