Uefi/Efi error even in new ver.

hello EasyBCD staff,

i surfed the web trying to find
a way to mount iso on boot
and i saw you'r program(EasyBCD)
and tought i give it a go
I downloaded it and installed it(Ver 2.3)

and it sohwed me an error window of EFi not supported
even before the program went to the main window

I searched the web for a work around
and then i saw a page that showed me that
it supportes Efi, so i thought i had a older ver
so i went to you'r main site and also there
it sais "Windows 10 And UEFI Ready"
so i downloaded the latest ver 2.3,
and still it shows me "Efi Not supported" window
right at the program start!

I have atteched a picture showing
the error and the EasyBCD Ver.

My Specs:
Win7 Ultimate
ASUS MotherBoard

I have no idea why it happens,
please Help.

Yaniv R.



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On a UEFI PC, a lot of EasyBCD function is not available.
EasyBCD is "UEFI ready" in that is does what is allowed under UEFI. It can't do what is only allowed on a BIOS/MBR PC.
There is a simpler (free) Neosmart stand-alone utiltity for building bootable USB drives.
Thanks for the Replay,
but i don't need to make a bootable usb,
I'm looking for a way to mount ISO Files on PC Boot Menu!

if it's not Uefi ready why aren't you upgrading you'r product
becuase soon every computer will have a uefi system.

and if you don't wan't to upgrade at least make a workaround!

Looking for a positive Response, Not like mine :wink:
Yaniv R.


Knows where his towel is.
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I repeat.
It does everything that's possible to the BCD on a UEFI system.
The restriction is in MS's implementation of the efi version of bootmgr, not a shortcoming of EasyBCD.
no need to shout....
I will look for some other program,
if your's isn't compatible.
but I regret that such a known
and famous program doesn't support
such a known and famous method.

Yaniv R.


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You seem to be deluding under the impression that the fault is with this "known and famous program" instead of accepting that this is a limitation purposely imposed by Microsoft. There's really nothing more we can tell you... Good luck finding a solution elsewhere.