Upgraded To Vista..

I really want to uninstall vista because I get the BSoD every 10 minutes or so. But I clicked upgrade and yea.... really need help.. I want XP back...
and I have no clue what to do.... I know i know dont screw with beta things... but seriously is there a way to get rid of it and get my XP back?
You upgraded your XP to Vista. At the moment, there is no reverse upgrade path: for that you'll need to wait till RC1.

Two things we can do:

  • Help you format and reinstall XP (losing all programs and settings).
  • Fix your Vista so it doesn't BSOD (as often).
It's up to you :nerd:

Really sorry about that, but yeah, those are your only choices.
I've changed the title to reflect your situation better..
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The only programs I use is windows media player and firefox browser and I can easily reinstall those... and on the windows forum they said to reinstall XP I needed this one disk that came with it when I got the computer but I got it from rent a center ( short on cash needed something I could rent to buy) and I never got a disk. But I would really liek XP back but if I can't then I guess making it not BSoD so much would be fine too. But I'd prefer the first one
Bumping a topic minutes later isn't the most effective way of getting help. :dead:

If you don't have your XP CD, the first option is impossible with legal means.
We can help you with Vista though - interested?
The best thing to do at the moment:

Boot from the Vista DVD.
Choose "Clean Setup"
When prompted to choose a disk, format the current drive (by pressing "Advanced")
Continue with the install.

Need any help?
Reinstall Vista anew.
You'll lose the programs and files though (like noted above). The BSOD is a result of an unclean install.
In that case:
it's either the graphics card or the sound card.

What graphics card do you have? Do you have a sound card?
Lol I bet I sound so dumb.. but I can't find my device manager... If it's in Control Panel... Well.. I can't access that.. everytiem I try my windows explorer restarts and then the window closes... But yea.. I don't know where it is at.
Right-Click on "My Computer" and press properties.
Press Advanced.
Press Hardware
Press Device Manager
Found it! thanks... um.. lets see.. it would be the sound, video and game controller one right? It just lists one thing... Intel(r) 82801DB/DBM AC '97 Audio Controller... is that what we're looking for?