use neogrub to boot ubuntu live CD to try ubuntu without installing ...

(script of menu1st as follows)

title Ubuntu Live CD (ISO Native Boot)
root (hd0,0)
kernel (hd0,0)/system/vmlinuz boot=casper iso-scan/filename=/system/ubuntu-desktop-i386.iso
initrd (hd0,0)/system/initrd.lz

Is the above script okay?
(assuming ubuntu-desktop-i386.iso, vmlinuz and initrd.lz are placed under c:/system/...)


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Have you tried it? What happens?
i followed your advice in this thread but to no avail.

EasyBCD Grub pic2.jpg

EasyBCD Grub.JPG

did you ever give it a try?
do i have to install neogrub instead of using easybcd's copy of grub?
if yes, how to edit the menu.1st? what is the script according to my iso contents on partition 2 (drive D)?


Jun 29, 2013


i get it done!


use the Portable/External Media section (select ISO) and load the iso from memory.

last time i selected "run from disk" and got me nowhere.



i figured out some more ...

besides pointing to an iso, the contents of that iso also have to be extracted onto a partition on the hard drive. (for instance, the partition 2 (drive D) mentioned above) for the iso entry to work.

now the combination is: a partition containing those iso contents + an iso entry added by easybcd
(probably it doesn't matter whether "run from disk" or "load from memory" is chosen or not.)

so what is the point pointing to an iso file when its contents have already been extracted onto the hard drive?

this really confuses me!

anyway, as long as i now can run the livecd contents without loading an actual livecd and can enjoy "try ubuntu without installing", it is okay.