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So after a few months of waiting to see if Verizon has decided to get FiOS up and running in my area. I go to their site and see that it is FINALLY available to me.:brows::brows:

Not only that but the plans are boosted. I was looking at the 15/2 plan for $57 a month. But now it is at 20/5 for the same price. Faster speed for the same amount?!? w00t!!

The wife may want to step it down to the 10/2 plan. But i am hoping for hte 20/5 plan. That would be wicked.

Just had to share my excitement.
That is download speed to upload speed. 20Mb/s down and 5Mb/s upload. I currently have 4Mb/s down and 768KB/s up. That would be a huge jump. I just cant wait for the wife to come in and let me know if we can do it.

*Crosses Fingers*
Once I had 2048kbps upload and crazy download :grinning: but only once in my life, 2 days actually, it was crazy! :lol:
Lucky you guys. Im stuck with 256 dsl. Same upload and download. Good thing i have unlimited bandwith.
That would be a 100Mbyte Windows update in 2/3 second !
I wonder what the price is ?

I'm still blissfully happy with my 6.9Mb/s (under 2 minutes for 100Mbytes)

which still seems amazing compared with the 40Kb/s I've endured for 7 years (24hours for 100Mbytes when I did my XP update after a fresh install)
Yeah i know. That the 200Mb wouldnt be that big a deal. Espically if you could hit that 1GB mark.

Service like that for us ehre in the USA would probably be about $500 a month. :lol:
I'd get no cost benefit from such a speed at that price.
I think my £24/month combined 2-line phone and 6.9Mb broadband package will serve me nicely for a while.
I've been retired a long time now, my time is cheap. I think I can wait the odd minute or two !
hey give me the 1 GB and u can keep the 200 MB :wink:
any ideas on around how much this might cost

It's dirt cheap. I'd already contacted the agency about their KIZNA/WINDS satellite yesterday for a story, funnily enough, and it's actually rather interesting.

It's not just for Japan, the one satellite is capable of serving almost all of southeast asia. Speeds are 555mps for home users (upload is around 150mbps I think). The satellite is theoretically capable of providing global coverage to the entire planet (assuming it can stand the load, though) but the antennas it would need to do so have not been attached. It's the same basic technology as other satellite internet services, using the "Ku band" to send and receive the signals. The parts are cheap (standard dish, but w/ a universal Ku-band LnB head attached), and the modem shouldn't be too expensive.

If only they attached those extra antennas........
My cable provider does offer 1gb/s service but only to business accounts so far and I have no idea how much as there are so many "plans" to choose from.
Guys, with 5MB+ connection you'd have your pages load as a blink of an eye, what would you possibly use 1GB connection for? :lup:
took the words right out of my mouth

It would be alot easier to buy movies online seeing it would be faster than going to the store.
Just think a month ago verizon was boasting about downloading a full quality HD movie in 4 minutes, imagine how fast with this (no offense mak)