Vista 5384 Soundmax Issues


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I have an Intel D865GBF board with Soundmax 4. Have tried in vain to set up Speech Recognition. Get a pop-up something about a problem with "side by side" configuration.
If I try to click on microphone set-up the application crashes the computer with a blue screen warning that Windows has shut down to protect the system.
I've uninstalled a number of times and allowed Windows to load the drivers again.
I could get speech recognition from MS Works just fine in XP, so why not in Vista?
Hello Peter, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!

I actually have the same exact mobo, though I am using a Creative SB-Live! PCI card instead (it's like 10 bucks now, and it leaves any onboard audio in the dust!)....

What drivers are you using? The trick seems to be using the older drivers referenced here that actually work with Vista.
I'm not an expert but I'd say look through the device manager and make sure it's not tagged any devices as a Multimedia Audio Controller - this really messed things up for me and it seems like it could have the same effect for you.

Sadly, getting Vista to work with any audio devices seems to be a complete pain. Though I'm sure you'll find plenty of help here.
I just let Vista load its drivers from whereever it gets I've tried installing my 2003 drivers.,..wont install despite "running as XP and as Admin" etc etc. - there's always something missing.
The sound is fine...just not the Speech Recognition and the problem with mic settings crashing the 'puter.
The drivers linked on that page are a dead link now.
If I got myself an audio card would that help?
How shall I install them? Upload them to my desktop or whatever then click setup.exe or? Uninstall the current ones via Device Manager first of course.

Just noticed an XML document sitting on my C: (XP) drive, contents as follows:

- <SoundMAX_x0020_Digital_x0020_Audio_x002d_SoundMAX_x0020_Digital_x0020_Audio_x005b_8000_x005d_>
- <SpeakerMicCorrection>

Haven't the faintest idea where that came from except it happened today, sometime.
Delete that file and let it recreate it after following these directions:

Open Device Manager (Control Panel | System | Hardware | Device Manager) find the entry for the SoundMAX, and update its driver with the one in the \SMAXWDM\W2K_XP\ directory that you just extracted.
Open the Control Panel | Audio Settings | SoundMAX | Properties. In the ‘Other’ tab uncheck the first entry and check the second for digital audio. If you have analog speakers, leave both unchecked.
If sound quality is not that great, try changing the Format settings in that last tab on the page. Try going up or down until it works out…. I have this card and was quick to replace it… Time to get a new sound card if you are still having issues
Vista will tell you that WU has found newer drivers. IGNORE IT or you’ll lose the sound!
I figured it out thanks..I hadn't read that page thoroughly.

I did exactly as stated and Vista couldn't find any drivers in that folder.

Tried it both as me and as Administrator. The folder is there and appears to be intact but no drivers found.

Same issues Speech Rec. and crashes when opening Mic. properties.
Your Vista seems to have an issue with drivers, these should install (they did for me...).

Have you tried installing them in safe mode? It's the only other thing I can think of that might help you use these drivers.

First *completely delete* the audio card from the device manager (in safe mode) then manually point it to the inf file as listed in the directions on that page.

I managed to get into Safe Mode but the minute I deleted the sound card from Device Manager it installed itself again.
If the audio is deleted it's impossible to point it at anything as it isn't there.
If I try update it still can't find any drivers in that WDM file.
Now I can't boot into regular Vista...goes into sleep mode. It's been doing that off and on since the start.

I think I'm going to give up on this or else disable sound altogether.

Another thing which has always happened with this same issue is when I do manage to boot up into regular Vista as Peter (not Administrator) the desktop loads normally (flashes on and off a couple of times) then a pop-up..saying that the wizard could not start please configure your sound. This happens even with Soundmax disabled...weird? back in, same old situation. Will I be better off mounting a new sound card? (Never done that so will have to look up how to as I believe one has to connect ones optical drives to it etc.).
Yeah, you definitely would be better off with a new sound card, and you'd enjoy it a lot more for sure.

- but that was in the olden days, today you don't have to connect your optical drive to the sound card. Just seat the PCI sound card in the slot and enjoy :grinning:
Recommend a good one for Vista and I will do my eBay "thing" immediately.

I guess all one does then is disable Soundmax? I can't pull it out by the roots as it's part of my motherboard I believe.
Enter the BIOS and in "peripheral settings" (most likely) disable "onboard audio"

How much are you looking to spend on a new card?
I'd be looking for something reasonable. Not interested in powering a sound system but as long as I get good sound, especially on my headphones, I'll be happy.
I'd say up to $80 maybe??
I know there are some bargains to be found if one is careful.

Research tells me that maybe Turtle Beach are the best, followed by Creative Labs...except they sometimes fall down on drivers.
Well, I have the original Creative Sound Blaster Live! and they own my SoundMAX any day, even though they're only 10 bucks:

They're quite good with small to middling size speakers (digital especially), but if you're going to be playing ultra-quality DVDs or extreme gaming you'll want something more powerful... and audigy 2 or 4 would be ideal.

See and (second is two dollars more and ten times as good - prolly your very best deal.).

On the other end of the line for about 90 USD you can get the top-of-the-line X-Fi from Creative (which really are the best):
I'll think about this for a while. Realised I'm a bit short this month, so will most likely go for it next.
What's the betting I'll still have problems setting up speech recognition??
Thanks for the advice by the way. You realise I'll have to buy a new set of speakers....LOL All I have now is 2 small Altech Lansing (left/right) and a "woofer"!
That's a great card, and with the remote you can't really go wrong.

It'll work fine with Vista, and by the time you get it we should have another build with better all-around support for everything... and that should make things easier :smile: :crazy: