Vista 64 bit + Fedora 9 , 2 HDD = not loading Fedora

You're trying to edit NeoGrub's menu.lst file. While it might be possible to get it setup correctly, i perfer myself to use the one on the linux partition (no need to re-create everything really). NeoGrub can be automatically configured through EasyBCD in the following matter as mentioned from post 4:

1) Go to the NeoGrub tab in Add/Remove entries in EasyBCD and uninstall it.
2) Delete the existing Linux entry
3) Go to the Linux tab
4) Type in a name for your Linux entry (ie. Fedora Core 9)
5) Select the correct disk/partition from the drop-down. It is usually the only item in the list with ext2 fs in it.
6) Check "grub is not installed to mbr"
7) Finally, add the new entry. As long as Fedora's disc is connected properly, NeoGrub well automatically install with the correct settings.

The menu.lst i'm referring to is in /boot/grub/menu.lst, which should reside on Fedora's partition (not Windows). You typically need to be in the Linux enviornment to access it. You can either boot from Fedora's live cd to access it and make any needed changes or edit the entries temporaily at boot time using grub's edit features so that you can boot Fedora and make the necessary changes.
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