Vista Home Premium Drives ATI


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well i ran the memtest86 and it screwed my computer up
I had to reinstall de Vista Startup, etc
but what I realized when the memtest86 was running is that it said "Chipset: ATi Radeon xPress 200 (ECC: Disabled)"
maybe I have to enable it right? because it says that it is disabled
so how do I enable it?


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yep but it got stuck and then I had to reboot again and some weird error came up
luckily I could fix it with the installation CD of Vista
how do I enable the ECC thing?

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Have you checked in the BIOS? Have you looked under the ATi tools? I dont use ATi so i dont know how you would go about it.


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I have no clue of how to lookk in the BIOS lol
how do i check that?

EDIT: I just looked into the BIOS (or at least it said that it was the BIOS) and under the Graphics Option, there are two posible options and the one that says sideport (or sth like that) was selected
I really dont know a lot about compuers
I just need to know if my problem can be dew to the ECC Disbled thing or it is another thing
so im tryin to fix the ECC
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