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hi there
how are you all?
I need some help with the Vista drives of my video card: ATI MOBILITY RADEON XPRESS 200M Series
I cant find the appropiate drives for the video card
not even in the ATI web
anybody know where I can get them from?
thank you in advice
Well those are the correct drivers. So lets start over.

Driver Cleaner Professional download from

Download that and install it. Un-install your GFX drivers. Then run this. Clean out all ATi drivers. then restart your PC. It should install the Microsoft Drivers upon boot. After that try to install these drivers. See if that fixes the issue.

What is going on that they are not working?
Start Orb>right click Computer>Manage>Device Manager

When that opens choose the Video Adapter and double click it. After that choose the Uninstall Driver option.
it doesnt come up
whats going on? :frowning:

EDIT: I found it haha
im so stupid :smile:
I did all that you told me to do, and the game still does not work properly
I guess i just have bad luck
well thanks for your help anyways :wink:
ok thanks for asking guys
the game im trying to play is the famous MU Online haha
well If you can find any website that says the driver compatiubility with that game, i woul me very thankful
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Official Global MU Online - Download Client

According to their site it is only Windows 98/2000/XP compatible. That could be the problem right there as you are trying to run it on Vista.

My first suggestion at this point would be to try and run it in Compatibility Mode.

Right click the executable>Properties>Compatibility Tab. heck the Box for XP SP2 and also check the Box for Run as Admin. Then click Okay and try to run it. If that doesn work then you will be out of luck.
well i guss im out of luck right here ^^
I had like 90 resets on a 1500 exp server
I guess Ill have to shut up and keep studying haha
thanks a lot though guys
really appreciate it :wink:

PD: some friends have Vista and they can play it perfectly :S
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Maybe it has something to do with the Firewall settings? Either that or maybe it doesnt work on your version of Vista? Are they running Home Premium as well?
they are runing many diferent ones (like Home Premium, Ultimate, etc)
I still cannot fix this problem
ive done everything u said but nothing, here is a screen from the game :S
also, there are like no letters , there are 3 boxes with names (boxes not in pic) but the boz is blank instead of having letters in it
what is that?
should I install fonts?
moreover ^^ this comes up every once in a while (look at error pic attached)


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This is a memory access violation error, which is caused by one of the following:
1. Incorrect code that attempts to do something illegal with a memory address.
2. Broken drivers
3. Bad hardware

Running it in compatibility mode won't fix any of this, nor does it have anything (explictly) to do with not bein Vista compatible....
Well you have to figure out which drivers are bad and replace them. The memory issue is easy. Google and download MemTest86 and burn it to CD. Run that for at least 4 hours and that will tell you if you have Memory issues.