Vista keeps freezing


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I recently installed World in Conflict. Ever since whenever i open My computer or My Documents windows explorer freezes. I uninstalled World in Conflict but the same thing still happens. (whenever i open my computer i press once on a file and it freezes)
Any Ideas?

P.S. ive checked online and havent found anything about world in cinflict issues. I have Kaspersky and it says nothing found same with Spybot.
Have you got a pre-WiC system restore point ?
If so use it while it still exists to get back to a clean system then research what caused the problem.
So far Vista SR has got me out of a couple of messes left behind by dodgy in/uninstall problems.
I think ill try that.
BTW System idle process is the only thing taking up cpu around 97


I did a System Restore but it hasnt helped much. I Can reacha step further than before but it still freezes
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Did you let Vista chose the restore point ? It's not terribly clever about it. It'll always pick the latest and if you've just install/uninstalled there will probably be two from that process alone so you'll need to go back 2 or 3. Tell it you want to pick your own point - they're all timestamped.
Oh dear-
B*gg*r*d Then !
At least you can be fairly sure it's nothing to do with WiC though
I dont think so. After i did the System Restore it stopped freezing all the time. Only when i open the WIC cd. Before it would do it even if i opened My Computer or My DOcuments. DOes that mean the cd is bugged? (so far its only been with the WIC CD hopefully it stays like that :wink:
Do you have any other 3rd party software you could use to open the CD instead of explorer ? (Treesize? ACDSee ? some other photo handling app that will examine the directory structure ?) That way you should be able to see if it's explorer or the CD at fault.
^ good idea... He can use cmd.exe and cd into the directories, then use dir to list the contents.


It's probably easier to just stick that CD/DVD in a different PC and see if it does the same there?
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I love the way you assume anyone geeky enough to come here has a supply of spare PCs .
(I've got 2 old ones in my museum of IT btw, back to a 75Mhz W95 set up.)
As a matter of fact i do have another notebook. I think i might have let it slip in another thread so gurus not at blame. Ill try that and see what happens
I didn't think of that !
That's what comes from living in the middle of nowhere, without any neighbours.