Vista wont load login screen, black screen with cursor


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After an update from AVG virus protection, the system rebooted then would not come up with the login screen. It stays black with just a movable white cursor. I have tried repair and it says there is nothing to repair, I have tried last known good configuration and nothing. I have tried system restore and there is no restore points. Chkdsk did not come up with anything nor did a memory check. Everything comes out clean. I tried booting from the CD given but it wont let me access the upgrade portion without being in windows so I can try to reload the files without wiping out my hard drive but that didnt work either. I then slipstreamed sp1 onto a bootable and tried that but still same thing. Any other suggestions or options? If I access programs from the Command Prompt on the system repair menu they open with out any problem. I have a dell inspiron 1720 laptop with Vista Home Premium 32bit. :x


I forgot to mention that the same thing is happening when trying to load into safemode as well.
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I am having the same exact issues you are having. I installed the Vista recovery CD and everything and is cannot repair it. I also even tried to intall Windows XP SP2 and for some reason it won't load up. Wish I could just fix it or get a new OS on it. Soo freaking aggravating.