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I think he likes big cities. I used to, but now, at my age, apart from the convenience of having everything handy at one's fingertips, I don't find much else attractive about them.

I lived right in the centre of London, England for many years (12 million people) and now Toronto, (3 million people).

Next step for me would be a small house on a beach somewhere......if I won the lottery of course! :huh:


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Lol, not bad idea, I like it.

As for me, I was living very near to kinda medium city, but not in it, hell no, I was always trying to find place above the city, like on the hill or something like that, but not in the city, who knows... maybe one day I'll live in city, but only if I have to :smile:


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Hey, that house on the beach you was talking about, maybe looks something like this :smile: :