Widescreen Monitors & Stuff

When I got my MX Revolution, I really wanted a wired model because of how bad my wireless experience was w/ my old MS bluetooth mouse. They didn't have a wired model so I went ahead and bit the bullet - no problems at all.. ever.


I guess it's just a Microsoft problem? Shame.
As a friend of mine used to say.." I had one of those, but the back wheel fell off..."....LOL

Very impressive.
Yeah, I'll stick to wired stuff for a few years, and maybe then I decide to test one of those wireless stuff... (not to mention that I use wireless internet :happy:, and thats the only thing that works good without a wire) LOL...

YAY I have my computer (the one i made back)

and now i wont explain in here all that has happened lol but i will :smile:


so i have a ATI Radeon X1950 (im pretty sure lol ) and i needed the driver to make it work... but i couldnt get on to the repos to download the "xorg-driver-fglrx"

so i found something else,

sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

that code run through a terminal (or in my case, the command line you are given when Xserver dies) it was reconfigure your Xserver, for linux

so for most of it, you just need to enter yes and such (you guys would want to look out for the keyboard options) and then i found the kool thing

it lets you choose the resolution i had from between 1900x1200 (or close to that) all the way down to 800x600

so i think this would be a easyer way to maybe get the size you want :smile: