Win 7 64 & Vista 32


I have recently downloaded the latest Beta of EasyBCD 2.

I have Vista on Drive D (Disk 0) and Windows 7 on Drive C (Disk 1) when booted from Win 7.

I used EasyBCD to remove the Vista boot option in the bootloader and that worked OK.

I want to now move the bootloader to the Windows 7 Disk and then reformat the old Vista disk.

I am not certain as to how to proceed although it seems that this can be done using EasyBCD 2.

I did scan the forum posts and tried to view any online documentation (seems to be missing?)

I have attached an image of my disk layout.

Many thanks for your help.


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Diagnostics / Change boot drive.
Point it to W7, then change the BIOS to boot from W7 first.
Doumentation for 2.0 won't appear in the wiki while it's still Beta.
All the information is in these boards.

I tried something but I am not sure if I am doing things correctly.

I open the pgm click on Diagnostics. I do see an option for change boot drive but then I do not know what to do next to ,as you say, point it to the W7 drive.

I tried Rescue but the pgm went nuts and threw all kinds of exceptions.

Sorry if I seem thick but making this change requires me to be very careful and when I do not clearly understand a suggestion I must ask again.

Once again thanks for your patience.


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After you select "change boot drive and click "rescue" it should prompt for the location.
What error occurred ?

As it was getting late yesterday I waited until the morning and a fresh start.
The images are all in a zip file that is attached.

I opened BCD 2 Beta.
See image bcd01.jpg as it shows the app shortcut properties.

I then clicked on the Diagnostics centre, chose option 'Change boot drive' .
I then clicked on 'Rescue my system!'.

Immediately I got an exception.
See image bcd02.jpg and bcd02a.jpg.

I clicked on continue and then the 'Select New Boot Partition' form opened.
See image bcd03.jpg.

I clicked OK and got more exceptions
See images bcd03a,bcd03b and bcd03b which show the exception details.

I clicked on 'Continue' and then on 'View Settings'.
See image bcd04.jpg and bcd04a for 'Detailed (Debug Mode) View'.

It seems to suggest that there is still a Windows 7 Boot on D:\


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Sorry for the delay. I was away working until today.

I removed the "As Administrator from the shortcut options and ran
EasyBCD 2.0 Beta.

When I clicked on 'Diagnostics Center' I saw a new form. I then chose the 'Change Boot Drive'
option and clicked on 'Rescue my System!'.

That threw an error. The attached image is what came up. When I choose 'Close Program'
from that error form I then see the 'Select New Boot Partition' Form.

That form seems to select my desired boot Drive C:\ but C relative to which OS is booting
so I am not sure what did or did not happen because of the error that I get.


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I downloaded, removed the previous version using the available remover and then installed build 77.

When I got to the Rescue button I continue to get a failed session. 'BootGrabber has stopped working'.

Did not run as Admin.
I take it that with 5 HDDs you're running a mix of SATA and IDE ?
Are the C and D disks alike or different ?
If they're the same, you could try temporarily disconnecting the uninvolved HDDs of the other type, to see if that's what's giving Bootgrabber problems.
OK, can you open the EasyBCD folder (C:\Program Files\NeoSmart Technologies\EasyBCD\bin\)

Right-click on bootgrabber.exe, properties. Try setting the "Windows XP Compatbility Mode" option and try to change the boot drive from EasyBCD once more?