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Had windows 7 x68 on a second drive. formated and tried to install windows 7 68 but it will not install.


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Sorry, tried to install windows 7RC 64 and it said: this installation disc isn't compatible with your virsion of windows. Do I need to install 64 drivers someway?
Windows 7 64

When I try to boot with the windows 7 64 dvd I get: Reboot and Select proper Boot Device or insert Boot Media in Selected Boot Device and press a key.
Reboot, enter your BIOS, and insert your Win 7 dvd. Put your CD/DVD drive first in the boot sequence, and then save the changes and exit. When you get the message "Press any key to boot from the CD", press a key.
windows 7 64

I don't get to the press any key screen. The reboot message is all I get. Had Windows 7 x86 installed and it worked good but when I try to install windows 7 64 it won't work. Downloaded windows 7 64 a few times on 2 different computers and still won't work.


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do u know how to change ur boot sequence?
if yes,
reboot, with the cd inserted.
when u see a message stating press any key to boot from CD/DVD, press a key and follow on screen prompts
Iron: Reboot, and when you get to the first splash screen at startup, you should see a message saying which key you need to press to enter your BIOS. So press that key, and then put your CD/DVD drive first in the boot sequence. Then, insert your Win 7 dvd, and save the changes, and exit. Now you will get the message saying press any key to boot from the CD. So press a key...
You get that message because you're running a 32bit system and trying to execute a 64 bit setup from the DVD.
You must not have a system running.
Put the DVD in the tray, don't let it autorun.
Turn off your PC
Boot again with the DVD in the tray
If you see a "press any key to boot from CD" message, do so within 5 seconds.
If you don't see a message but the PC boots into 32 bit W7 again, shut it down again.
Boot again and interrupt the boot at the 1st splash screen. (Somewhere on the screen it will say hit "del" or some Function Key to enter BIOS setup)
In the BIOS find the page(s) which set your boot device sequence and make sure that CD/DVD comes before HDD. Hit whichever key says "save changes and reboot" and carry on installing W7
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windows 7 64

this is the message I get when I boot the way you said:
status: 0xc000000f
info: the boot selection failed because a required device is inaccesible
you've put the wrong device to boot then..
try again and choose the DVD-ROM where the win7 DVD is inserted
Ok, so boot from your Win 7 dvd again, and run Startup Repair 2-3 times (since it can only fix one problem per pass), and then your boot problem should be fixed.
windows 7 rc 64

That happens when I try to boot windows 7 rc 64 dvd. When I download windows 7 x86 onto a dvd I can load my second drive from vist which is on my 1st drive but I would like to try windows 7 rc 64 and nothing I try seems to work.