Windows 7 - Ubuntu 13.04 Dual Boot Problems

So i've looked at pretty much every thread on here and i can't seem to find an answer to my question or atleast an answer i understand.

Here's where i'm at I have 7 preinstalled on an ssd and i just finished installing Ubuntu on a drive that has been partition one half being windows data and the other half Ubuntu. While installing ubuntu i made the following partition: /boot, /, swap, /home (in that order on screenshot). I installed the grub bootloader on the /boot partition. I reboot and launch BCD from windows i've tried every possible combination of Grub(legacy)/Grub 2 and manually/automatically picking the Drive. No matter what i do when i restart and select linux from the boot menu i either get the grub> prompt or some error.

Please help i've spent 4 hours and counting trying to get this to work.



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If you have a UEFI BIOS then Microsoft won't let you boot a foreign OS from bootmgr (nothing to do with EasyBCD).
If you install Linux and let it take control of the boot (its default behaviour), grub2 will dual-boot the existing Windows OS.
You read this information, and got this answer before in another thread.
Please don't open additional threads to ask the same question.
A quick Bing of the web with "ubuntu forum windows uefi boot"
brings up this
UEFI - Community Ubuntu Documentation
as the top hit
plus many many others.
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I may be wrong but I don't believe that is my issue. I've had a working dual boot on this exact same computer the only difference is that I was running Ubuntu 12.04. So if my problem is caused by the UEFI it shouldn't have worked with 12.04.