Windows 8.1 & Server 2012 dual boot is not working


I have Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2 installed.
BCD 2.2 is installed and setup on Server 2012.
It always display all possible entries - SATA, USB LAN and both OS - despite I delete what is irrelevant.
The drives for both OS are correctly defined in BCD.
When booting, I get the boot menu (black & white) and can select both OS.
The problem is that whenever I select Windows 8.1 the computer gets frozen and nothing happens.
Selecting Server 2012 works fine.

I use BCD in other computers and it works fine.

As I runout of options, I appreciate your help.



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On a UEFI PC, all potentially bootable devices appear in the BCD whether or not you have anything bootable mounted on them. Also the hidden system partitions.
You shouldn't delete "irrelevant" entries. Windows put them there for a reason.
Do you have a BCD backup you can use to undo whatever damage you did to the W8 boot ?
Hi Terry,

In this particular case, EasyBCD is behaving differently as in all other computers only the drives I selected are displayed (e.g. Windows 7 / Windows 8).

I do not need any backup because whatever I remove is automatically added again.

I tried several times removing all settings and add a new one but, it doesn't help.



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You'll see that displaying all that extra junk is normal
EasyBCD will have been making backups for you in your documents folder unless you turned them off.
Can you find one dated before you started deleting entries and restore it.
Are your other PCs UEFI ?

Sorry for the delay but, I was out. I foundout the problem - it was setup as exe and changed to UEFI. Now it's working fine.

Nevertheless, there is a small issue with the boot menu. In one computer I see the nice typical W8 blue screen but, in others I always see the DOS enviroment, black & white, where I have to use the keyboard to choose the OS.

Can you tell me how to solve it?

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