Windows Live Messenger 9


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When i signed into windows live messenger today it said something about updating. I did and i dont see much of a difference, anyone know if this is Windows live Messenger 9?
Did i happen with any of you?
Does anyone know how to check the version number?


Actually i think that this is windows Live 9 since i can sign in with two different accounts at once, wich was not available in 8 :smile: :smile: :smile:

I dont know but i just saw the version number its 8.5.1302.1018 i guess its not 9 but its got some new features? anybody have a windows 8 build number?
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the multiple sign in is specifically for messenger plus if you have it you can choose to activate it from plus prefrences/ general/ customize
I guess aligator is right that is Msg. plus (an add-on) i just realised that now
but Im using XP peter so im not sure about the update thing, i didnt see any improvements so i dont know
Windows Live Messenger 9 is for real - but it's only out on Connect for official beta testers.... there wasn't any word of a public update though; and I don't think Messenger Plus receives updates from WLM anyway.
Messenger Plus is only an add-on for Windows Live. It keeps all the features and adds some new ones such as color names. But it does recieve updates from Windows for the original features and it is not an official thing from Microsoft.
No. Microsoft even encourages it by releasing APIs and such to interact, extend, and modify the behavior the program - as a matter of fact, they're required to make it possible to make stuff like Messenger Plus! by law.
so u are forced to allow people to do upgrades for easy bcd and cant take any legal action right would the same go for making a windows vista or xp upgrade in general?
Guru's not big enough (yet), for the US anti-trust or the EU to consider him a monopoly threat to free trade !
hopefully that will soon be changed but even so if somebody wanted to make an update for his programs he would have no power to stop him right?
You retain absolute rights over your own intellectual property, until governments decide you are SO big and powerful that you have to be restricted.
When I used to work for IBM, they were the target for anti-trust law all the time, then Microsoft got to be the big player, so they're in the frame. Next Google ?
Nobody can make Guru do anything he doesn't want to with his software. (Until he gets to have a revenue flow the size of a small country)
haha nice one but you have to take a look at which countery you could have some african countrey that nobody's heard of or luxemborg and burma rich but small but the government still cant force him since hes operating outside the us right
Microsoft doesn't operate out of Europe for instance, but since their product is available for purchase IN Europe, they're instantly subject to EU antitrust laws (and the fines that come with them).