Windows Product Key Tool on Command-Line ?


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Hi, i really love the tool, as it is really handy retrieving OEM Keys from our PCs.
But, as i saw in many posts on the product page itself already, i also am missing a really important feature:

the possibility to use the tool from within the command-line and returning the found value as a variable.

We would need this for automatically retrieving the information for auto-Deployments using deployment-appliances like ACMP , Baramundi and so on.

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I just tried the OEM key tool, and found that it is not retieving the same key that was used to install windows originally.
( I tried it on a PC that has a readable sticker on it ), now I'm not sure I can trust it on the PCs where I have lost the sticker.


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It's not for stickered PCs, only those where an OEM embedded the key in the firmware, not home-builds or old OEM PCs where the key was entered via software during setup.