Windows Vista and XP on same HDD (C:) Problem

Windows Vista is installed as c:\Windows and was installed first.
I then installed XP in C:\WINXP. Found that would not work with EasyBCD so booted into Vista and renamed WinXP to WINNT.
However, that also does not work cause EasyBCD (or not so easy actually) now thinks that WINNT must be Win NT ...
P.S. Note to developers of EasyBCD - why not allow a user to manually add (for example C:\WINXP) as an entry - it would save a lot of stuffing around and couldn't do much harm (if incorrect)! just a thought use it .. don't. Or maybe I'm missing the trick here - which is not unusual.


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EasyBCD looks for Windows, WinNT and WinXP (even though the last is not a MS name) to detect if an XP installation exists.
What do you mean "...installed in C:\WINXP.." ?
You aren't trying to run a dual boot from one partition surely ? dualboot.JPG


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I was just going to post that question when I saw Terry had already asked it. The only way to run two OS's on the same partition is to install one of them in a Virtual Machine residing therein.


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EasyBCD does not think WINNT is Windows NT (it could care less), and as Terry already posted, WINXP is already a supported path. Any posts referring to renaming WINXP are from before the support was added.

What makes you think EasyBCD thinks WINNT is Windows NT? What happens when you try to reboot?
One of them will have to be on a separate partition. You can't have both on the same one (as has been said). But they can both be C: if you like, for convenience. I have 3 operating systems on my main drive and they are all C:. You may have to hide the other partitions during installation if you want to have C: assigned to the new installation, but partitions do not have any inherent drive letter. They are assigned at boot time by the OS that is booting, so each can run on what it sees as the C: drive.