XP half of dual boot no longer loads after motherboard change

For several years I’ve had dual boot system (Win7 + XP), set up with EasyBCD. Recently, my motherboard died and was replaced. Win7 continues to boot as before, but XP fails to load (as detailed below). The Disk Management, EasyBCD View and boot.ini files are attached.

The message I get, immediately after selecting the “XP” option on the Boot Manager screen, contains this information:
File: \NST \ntldr
Status: 0xc000000f
Info: Selected entry could not be loaded - application missing or corrupt

So far I’ve read and followed the EasyBCD Troubleshooting tips, including the following:
- Run the Recovery Console from the XP install disk to rebuild the bootcfg.
- Replaced the ntldr and ntdetect.com files with new ones downloaded from this Forum

I also decided to install XP again (temporarily, I hope), on a third HD. It boots normally.

As far as I can tell, the drive on which the original XP resides is OK. (I ran chkdsk on it, and other apps and folders on the drive work normally.)

My objective is to be able to boot the original XP install. Any ideas?

Frank in Bahia (Brazil)


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With the change of mother board you will have to do a repair install of XP. That will be the only way to get the old install working properly.
Well, a funny thing happened when I tried Repair Install: it only shows the WinXP-New Install, not the WinXP-Orig. Install (the one I’m trying to resurrect).

As I mentioned before, the disk and partition that WinXP-Orig. is on is otherwise working perfectly: I can run other apps installed on it, access all the folders, etc. And chkdsk gives it a clean bill of health. But it’s ‘invisible’ to the install disk/Repair Install.

On the EasyBCD view (see the attached file, Entry #2), the drive designation (D) is correct. But the bootloader path it specifies (\NST\ntldr) doesn’t exist on D: -- there’s no NST folder on that drive. Could that be the problem?


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MS design doesn't let bootmgr invoke multiple NTLDRs.
Delete that entry and add it again manually (not auto-configure) pointing it to the correct disk letter which W7 sees for that XP partition.
Don't change what it sets up. (you'll think it's made a mistake - It hasn't)
Read this for how it all works.
Windows XP - EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki
Terry: I deleted the old entry but get a "Valid NT Install not found" message when I try to add the new entry. (It's definitely pointing to the right disk, and I didn't change anything else.)


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Is the XP \Windows folder still there (or \WinNT) ?
That's what EasyBCD checks for, and then for the level of the ntoskrnl.exe in the \system32 sub-folder.
That's how it identifies XP.
I imagine MS repair install is doing something similar.

Ah, Terry, you're a genius! When I looked for ntoskrnl.exe in the System32 folder, it wasn't there. But I found it in my new install, copied it over to the old one, went back into EasyBCD, added a new entry, and Bingo -- back in my original XP. I can't tell you how many hours (days?) of aggravating reinstall time this saved me. (And I love these surgical-precision solutions -- much better than the "reformat your hard drive" type!) THANKS!:tongueout:


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Not sure how one individual module disappeared, was expecting more to hear you report that the whole Windows folder had gone, but glad to hear you're back up and running.