XP - No windows loaded?

I have just downloaded the ERE to fix a hal.dll issue that suddenly occurred this morning on my XP Pro 32bit desktop. After installing and running the ESE software i get to the prompt to select the drives to fix.

I get a message saying that Windows is not installed or the volume has been reformatted. The C windows drive is not shown. It just shows listed under each column:

boot volume - NTFS - 229Gig - Yes

Whereas the idiots guide on the website shows - Microsoft Windows (C)-, where mine has just - boot volume.

Where has my XP Windows gone?


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
It sounds like your partition has been wiped, possibly by a bootsector virus or similar. As EasyRE can see your disk just fine but can't find the partition on it, it's not a compatibility issue.

You can try using the testdisk tool from the EasyRE command line to search for and recover the partition entry in the MBR, but there are no guarantees.
For some reason my desktop kept going into safe mode after an update of my NVIDIA and Java.....so i tried doing a restore to the previous day. But the program kept saying no changes have been made...so I went further back....same. It's my XP desktop, but not 'old'. So I decide to use my Lenovo rescue and recovery to take it back to my previous back up of 10 days ago. Half way through it crashed saying no Z: drive?...and that's when it all started. The XP was factory installed at Lenovo, hence no disc, and I've never had any problems with it, ever. Until yesterday! Hence downloaded the ERE but no joy.


Mostly Harmless
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Do you have your Certificate of Authority sticker on the PC/laptop?