XP SP3 CD Now Available


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When you first fired it up with no apparent singal... were there beep codes?

If so, you need to replace the graphics card (It'll only get worse if you don't) Other then that, try a driver update or uninstall the previous driver and apply a newer one.


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Hi Justin,
Sorry, I don't know!
After years working with Fire Systems panels that are constantly beeping, I can no longer hear high frequencies.
How I miss the pleasure of the birds singing!
My card is an OEM unit, based on the ATI Radion 9800XL.
It's listed under Display Adapters as both "Medion Radion 9800XL" and below that, as "Medion Radion 9800XL Secondary"
It has two VGA outputs, whilst the ATI unit I believe had a VGA and a DVI out.
I've looked on the ATI Radion site, but can't find anything that appears similar.
My PC has an analogue TV and radio tuner, which I was under the impression was part of the Graphics card, but now I can see inside the case, the graphics card is seated in my AGP slot, and there is what I presume to be a tuner card below it, in the middle one of the three PCI slots which is coloured Blue, the outer two are white.
I will look on the Medion site, and see if they have any later drivers, though I was told that it's best to get the latest drivers direct from the manufacturer.


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Thanks, but been there, and cannot find "ATI Radion 9800 XL"
nearest is 9800 PRO. which is a different card.


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Same drivers, though.


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Hmm.. don't know what to say about that!
This technology is fast escaping me!
I just made a courtesy call to the engineer that kindly offered to "Fix" my PC to say that I was about to bring it to him, and he now realises that my HDD has 2 bad blocks. He has advised me to get a replacement first!
(These guys talk so fast, and I'm sure that they don't listen at the same speed. lol)
I've earmarked a Western Digital Caviar 250GB unit with 8MB buffer (WD 2500 JB)which I can buy for STG.39.80
As far as I can see, it will be compatible with my machine however, I have visions of him requesting bits, one by one, new graphics card,...new PSU...new Motherboard....until I've bought a second machine!!!

I'm thinking of abandoning any hope of learning something from this crisis, and just going to a repair shop and saying "Fix it".
Shame though, confidence takes a whack, and you feel less and less inclined to get involved with it in future.


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If only they still had the integrate switch for sp3...

It almost seems as if they want to make it harder for us who already have copies of XP and don't want to go buy new discs.

Well, there is an integrate switch still present, it is just a matter of downloading the right file as described in this guide I just found: http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,2845,2326444,00.asp

Of course it won't be like nlite where you could add drivers, but at least this is a lot simpler for those who just simply want a slipstreamed sp3 disc.


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Just a little update for you,
I had not deserted the forum without giving you the courtesy of an explanation.
My PC's life came to rather an abrupt end!:x
I had managed to get the IT manager of the school where I help out with Adult PC Literacy classes to offer to look at it!
Poor Guy, it proceeded to die by degrees before our eyes!
He fought valiantly to save it, but all that remains is the power lead!!:ldown:

Feeling needlessly responsible, he magnanimously offered to help me build a new one!

It is so different form the old Medion unit,
Big black Gigabyte Triton case, big enough to be a bedroom for a small child!
For those that understand these things it comprises:
Asus P5Q3 de-luxe WiFi Motherboard
Core 2 Duo E8400 3GHz 6MB L2 cache CPU with 1333 MHz FSB (couldn't afford a Quad core chip!)
Nvida Gforce 9600GT Graphics card with 512MB of DDR3 RAM
2GB Corsair DDR3 1333MHz RAM
500Gb Samsung Spinpoint HDD with 16MB Buffer
and an OCZ 600w Stealth Stream PSU

I'm a bit in awe of it at the moment, trying to get used to Vista doesn't help, but I'm sure we will become friends in the end!!:smile:

The bad news is that in addition to the unexpected expense incurred, my scanner is now useless, as is my copy of the original Photoshop Elements, and my freebie copy of Acronis True Image 8.0pe.:frowning:
So I have some serious saving to do to replace both the hole in my bank account, and the new scanner and software that I need to replace!

Thanks for all your helpful advice and suggestions, they were appreciated.:happy:



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You can save yourself some money six-h by doing what I did.
Dual-boot your system to put an XP system on it, and any time you want to photoshop or scan, do it on XP and save the output on a common data partition which you can access from Vista.
I have all my old legacy software still running on XP (some even installed on XP but executable from Vista even though Vista refused to install it. It works because it's so old it doesn't even use the registry)
That's what we're here for, any problems setting up, just ask.
Be wise and have a good read through the wiki first. People who work out what to do and know what to expect seldom need help anyway. Some of our visitors have jumped in feet first without reading anything, then tried a few random things to "see if it helped", and then posted here from a friend's PC with a plaintive cry for help. There's no need for it to be that way, it's actually quite simple to achieve.


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Thanks Terry,
I did mention dual booting to my new computer Guru!
He advised against it.
I think that says more about me than about my PC!
I also discussed using Virtual PC, which I believe is still supported by Vista and XP Pro.
I think he recons I'll only get myself into trouble, (then he'll have to sort it out!) so I'm just grateful to have the machine I now have, and the security of knowing that he'll probably help me, as long as I don't do anything exotic that he might disaproove of!!

The cost of a scanner and a few pieces of software, are a small price to pay for such assurance to someone like me!



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Congrats on the new PC :grinning: